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Tera Online New Playable Class Shinobi Elin Trailer

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New playable class for Elin again :v! Tera KR is going to get a flying mounts feature, new dungeons, new class, along with more events as they switch publishers to Nexon KR.

Developer: Bluehole
Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site:

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  1. shinobi, eh.. so where are jutsu? like amaterasu, i hope they watched anruto and know what a shinobi means. 😛

  2. Master Race! It's too bad i don't play anymore cause. . . Tera

  3. This…fucking…game. Bluehole, you done fucked it up. I had hopes that you'd do all the female classes, then possibly male classes/counterparts, as that was what it seemed like you were doing, but it seems that isn't the case eh? It was just one big coincidence. Where's the female Amani? That's the only race with no class yet. Where are some male classes? This has been a long-time problem, but you are screwing over a lot of your players with another elin class. If you wanted a small race for shinobi, at least choose the popori. They need some love.

  4. I like how people are upset or mad over them putting love towards Elins again, I mean do you blame them ? Think about the community is Elin dominant from PVE / PVP / and Broker. THey already made race locks for regular females, people should not be surprised they would give love to their best seller and what keeps their game alive, the Elins. If Elins were not in Tera, Tera would be completely Dead and they know this and need something to spark the interest of future players and Elin lovers to keep them coming back when new MMOs come out.

  5. OMG!!! Why do the classes i like being locked to elins.
    Why not to lock another epic class to a gay-race, awsome idea!
    I dont want to play a dark/stealth-style badass class while i look like a tiny fucking little cute piece of shit.
    They are trying to make a game for perverts or something…
    I dont even know why would someone ever play that race.

  6. At least with BDO and B&S coming out soon i have much better options to choose from.
    R.I.P TERA and i hope those responsible for ruining this epic game will get arrested.

  7. another fucking female class? I think tera is being run by a bunch of pedophiles.

  8. the dream of being a pimping popo in a ninja gear..screaming BELIEVE IT…….GONE…GONE like the wind :v..welp off to the bns NA for some PLOT

  9. WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Welp this game is the new Scarlet Blade. Female classes and only female classes. They might as well remove guy characters

  10. reading the comments section its like reading the complaints from a buch of crying little babygirls…

  11. I don't play this game but it looks awesome ! It is ?

  12. am I the only one that thinks that character design looks like crap? it looks a lot different from the original elin

  13. Understand that you guys that complain are the minority, otherwise they wouldn't keep doing classes for females only.

  14. i can only laugh at this now. i have much more respect for the developers at Devcat and Pearl Abyss (Vindictus and Black Desert Online respectively) at least those south korean developers are trying to balance the playable class/genderlock ratio. Butthole studios can go choke on it, hate this dev team with a passion.

    Even those new developers who is making Asker Online (New male vampire gender locked character class as the 4th character) and Closers Online (Rouge Speed male class) is doing a much better job at making a fair number of male to female ratio choices.

  15. vamos para de discutir ao povo, vamos falar de coisas boa, vamos falar da tekpix a filmadora mais vendida do brasil ^^

  16. Now all my Ninja and other ancient Japanese themed costumes will be fitting.

  17. you know you're close minded when you get upset over a gender locked class…… gtfo it ….. who the fuck cares.

  18. This game is losing sooo much potential nowadays, it's stupid. Used to be a good game, now it's full of flaws and all they're doing in pumping out more gender/race-locked classes and outfits.

  19. They add another class for Elin fans. Now that's a true definition of FANSERVICE.

  20. I really couldn't care less about the class itself but that bunny hair is so adorable omfg

  21. all these female locked gender based class really piss me off

  22. Are U KIDDING!! .' it annyoing me alot it only elin female get the new classis-.-'

  23. oh sheet huuuwat nexon?! this company have ruined Dekaron online

  24. I don't care about gender lock, so I look forward to trying this new class.

  25. People just dont know how to enjoy the game as it is

  26. Elin locked nooooo!!!
    (But i love elins so im fine..)

  27. I think they did this for elin becuz many ppl play elin i guess? I mean i dont mind them making classesfor elin but they rlly need to add male classes

  28. More elin bullshit. Lol i quit this feminist game long ago.. whatever, suckers.

  29. Oh my gosh ! Hope it Will come quick in France ! Just love playing Ellin characters :3

  30. really? more jobs for lolis?

    RIP TERA, u were fun.

  31. I never really got into tera mostly because I had a crap pc but now that I can play it I don't even know if I want to be bothered because I prefer to play a male character and from what I have heard and seen this game is becoming a pervs paradise, kinda reminds me of trying to find mods for Skyrim actually, just with more pedo :/

  32. I'am done with Tera, i have played the game till now. Its a really good game!, but the policy in this game its unimaginable. And Endgame is a joke right now. Sorry im not nativ english speaker. (To the grammer Nazis)^^

  33. Lol Tera with their Elins and Blade and Soul with their Lyns (and I know that there are a lot of female Lyns are being played as well by men…) Gah… I mean it's understandable that they're cute and all, but it is getting highly noticeable now that these kind of races are being played by men more than women… and now with all these race-class lockings… xD

  34. another gender/race lock -.- where is my baraka/male highelf class?!

    and once again TOTALLY OVERDONE gfx. just too much
    as if reaper and brawler weren't over the top, no we need another class with screenfilling effects!

    this games starts looking like cabal online, and thats not a good thing!

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