Tera Online New Dungeon Bathysmal Rise Normal Mode IN DEPTH Guide ~ Warrior/Mystic PoV - teraonline.be

Tera Online New Dungeon Bathysmal Rise Normal Mode IN DEPTH Guide ~ Warrior/Mystic PoV

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Hope you guys enjoyed 2014. 2015 Right around the corner. One of the new Fate of Arun dungeons Bathysmal Rise Normal Mode. Level 65 5-man dungeon.

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  1. i started tera about 2 weeks ago and i mained a mystic as my first character. i was chicken shit about doing semi and end game dungeons due to the stress of being a healer (you know the blame game), but when i watched your videos i got a full picture of how to run these individual dungeons and i easily conquered my fear. thanks sooo much for your guides 🙂

  2. Good walkthrough, but I would have liked to see more about the fish boss. 

  3. as rookie who just got his idolean set i'm totaly discouraged by watching this…:P

  4. is the gear you get from the story quests good enough for this dungeon? i had a rough time on my reaper where i was taking a lot of damage but the other reaper seemed to do fine, although i'm pretty sure they weren't wearing story quest stuff. i went in knowing most of the mechanics despite it being the first run, and i just got fed up and left after the second wipe on the last boss. (although it was mainly the healer being kind of rude instead of helpful.) i never got devastator on her so that's the gear i'm stuck in.

    gr8 guide btw.

  5. @Ven Venny Story quest gear is fine for the dungeon. As long as you know your class, you should be good to go.

  6. really enjoyed the video and props to you for your advice

  7. I just stuck in this DG right now, really helpful xD

  8. This really helped me out =) thanks a lot ^_^

  9. Oh, I see now, so that is what was killing me at the last boss, the Circle in and out phase. 

  10. Your talking is making me sick. Learn to talk clearly if you are making a guide.

  11. who has more to do in their downtime, mystics or priests? i know healing is first priority, but i dont wanna be bored in a dungeon because ive already contributed my few support skills rotation and wait around till somebodys health drops.

  12. Very informitive guide, thanks for making this.

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