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TERA ONLINE – New Class Skill Changes, APEX Skills?! Godsfall Update!

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Wo! Tera online is getting a new update, Godsfall and it brings new class skills!

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! great work with the update btw

  2. I just started playing this game and its alright my first MMOPRG and its quite fun. Although i dont get the party system and i dont get how i can fight with other players on same quest ect

  3. 02:41 I thought you said getting your arse whooped by chlamydia, for a second.

  4. This game still worth playing? :/

    Sorta tempted to try it out again…..

  5. Thank you MMOByte I'll be getting back on Tera!

  6. Is this game available in Asia?? I heard about IP block?? Any news about this thing?

  7. The problem i have with this game is sticking to a class i enjoy. I've tried almost every class and i always end up quitting when i realise how dull these classes look. I played Reaper the most since the skills look neat visually, but got bored since i'm doing the same shit over and over. Slayer and Mystic's awakening looks cool, so hopefully that will be enough to satisfy me.

  8. this game only need good optimazation and it can rival big titles but they dont give a fuck

  9. fuck tera eu , gayforge complely fucked it up , however na is fine –

  10. does the optimization still sucks? that's the only reason I'm still not playing this

  11. You almost done with the video for mu origin

  12. Not trying to complain or anything Im fuckin excited for this update. but, I main Warrior, and why does Berserker and Slayer get the most flashy and badass skills? Plus a fuckin transformation. Be cool if Warrior got just a little more than a zig zag skill.

  13. Maplestory 2 closed beta sign up is out lol

  14. TERA still doing that gender/race lock bullshit that forces you to play as a female or loli for any fun class? This question is sarcastic because I already know the answer and it is why I don't play TERA for the trash that it is.

  15. ofc my favorite class is out of it……….(Archer)


  17. Sadly it looks like pc and not coming to ps4 abd Xbox one and its not us

  18. Will consoles get the other classes before this Apex thing

  19. at what level am i going to be able to do apex quest?

  20. Archer is not mentioned even once 😫😫 where is the love for poor archie? 😓😓

    As a former hard player in the past, I can tell you that tera always was unfair to player and classes like they wanted you to play like 10 characters and when a update is up to play that specific classes. If you play 1 class you will eventually quit. It will feel like the whole game is against you.. Its indeed a really cool game, I had a lot of fun and memories with a good gameplay on PC. So deal with blue hole studios, what was really bad is that they killed fraywind canyon. PvP died along the way in 3vs3 after a while, I don't know about it now, but back then you had to work a lot to get your shit for PvP, you had to finish a lot of pve which was hell of a ride and fun.try the game if you have the chance, but only if you deal with unfair between classes/races or if you have hours to gear more characters. Good luck and have fun. Archer is amazing (didn't play many classes so…), but any class is unique and has their own fun,with their unique role. So I think it's up to you what you chose to be good at, anyone can be good.

  21. Will other classes get apex skills later?

  22. I was going to get back to this game, but after the news of the rootkit being added in I decided not to. And now the servers are going to be merged, so apparently some people have to delete characters. I also heard the optimization is still really bad…which is all such a shame. I really enjoyed this game back then.

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