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Tera Online – My Thoughts On Elin Controversy (Rant)

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This whole situation will forever boggle my mind…

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  1. People are really stupid beside I played as a Elin. Maybe people just judge on small people wow and top of that I bet those people that got a problem with Elins and they probably date little kids

  2. OKay, I'm a regular FFXIV player, I'mma help you out on lore. Pipin, Raubahn's son, is adopted. He adopted a Lala. The Sultana's name is Nanamo Ul Namo. She is middle aged. Also, there are hundreds of elderlu Lalafells runnign around with wrinkled faces and greying hair and beards.

  3. Whatever helps you sleep at night Tennek. Fact is she has the physics of a little child and all these grown ass men who thinks they are hot are Clearly pedophiles and no, just because teras info says they are hundreds of years old doesn't make it right truth of the matter is a good 90% of the player base are perverts. Heck they literally made a school uniform for the elins, you know why? Loli is popular because how many media's sexualize children these days are ample. Facts.

  4. Just ignore the dumb asses, they ain't worth your breath

  5. If you want to play as a Elin that's your choice. Preferably I will not play as that, not my style. But I do love ninjas and Reapers are cool. So why are these classes gender and race locked? This will make everybody happy, unlock the damn classes…

  6. Also I have a question. Where are the races that resemble a male that are older and wiser then they appear? It's about freedom of character customization. Game developers need to understand this and stop thinking about their personal likes and dislikes. This would ease a lot of the controversy.

  7. well, rabahn son is actually adopted, he says so the 1st time you meet him. in FF14

  8. Like ive said before i dont care what race you pick because alot of the more fun classes are locked to this race. However, the devs decision to create a race that is essentially a half naked 5 year old is questionable at best. Also, it is not stupid atall, lore doesn't matter when every fucking outfit clearly caters to pedophiles looking for a "fix" if you're a grown ass man that plays an elin for the aesthetic of the race then theres clearly something wrong with you. This race alone leads me to believe that ATLEAST one developer at enmasse is a pedophile. But "who cares" right? Sexualising a child for profit is totally okay /sarcasm. Obviously the game isn't real, but we should be rooting out EVERYTHING connected to pedophilia, and whoever designed this race and its costumes clearly has a certain "mindset".

  9. This shit wouldn't happen IRL, It only happens online. People are brave when they know no one will have the ability to check them IRL.

  10. Sooooooo if i decided to play as a popori, would that automatically mean i'm into animals or something? Why do some people jump to these ridiculous conclusions about what defines you as a person by what character you choose in a GAME??? I mean who really has the twisted mind set here, the person playing as an Elin or the person who makes these disgusting ASSUMPTIONS about someone they probably have never met and know nothing about? It just makes me laugh, play whoever the hell you want to. xD

  11. The Elin are the reason Tera is as successful as it is, and I think some people are angry about this fact. It's pointless and stupid anger that serves no purpose regardless. I say everyone play Elin all the time just to intentionally upset these people.

  12. I don't care for it but are you serious? Yes.. playing them I don't care for BUT considering them attractive IS pedophilia if you like it or not they look young. Play them as much as you like but if you find someone who LOOKS like a kid attractive you are not ok.

  13. I don't really care I'm playing my elin say what you want. plus I wanna play a reaper

  14. lol rauhban adopted his lalafell son. Also i have mixed feelings about the loli races, i find if you feel aroused by them because they are childlike then you are pedo but if its not because of that then you arent. the reason the majority of male or female players play them is because they are "cute" which doesnt make them pedos. people seem to mistake thinking something being "cute" as a sexual feeling

  15. Its not about description, its about appearance. Visual stimulation is the reason porn exists – a multi-million dollar industry entirely based on looking and not actually touching. Just because you're not jerking off to an Elin doesn't mean you're not a pedophile. Being attracted to the appearance of an Elin is like pedophilia because the race resembles children in the same way a human male or female resembles an adult human. Are they 1:1 translations, no. But ignoring the similarities just makes you sound ignorant. Also, this argument completely ignores Japanese culture – where countless women do their very best to appear like small children for sexual appeal. Its very popular across Asian cultures as a whole. But, they also have different moralities and ideas about sex in the East than they do in America. Trying to justify Eastern morality regarding the sexualization of children in the West is just heinous. We have different expectations of behaviors here and different laws regarding it. So yeah, by our standards this is something I would consider deviant behavior. Both my girlfriend and I sneer at it because its gross – not because we need to feel superior. If I could remove them from the game and never have to look at them again, I absolutely would. There are other races in the game I'm not especially fond of, but none outside of Elin that I find offensive. And just for the record, I'm a huuuge liberal supporter and always believe censorship is wrong. That doesn't mean I like what I see where Elin are concerned.

  16. If it looks like a kid, and you are attracted to it, then you have some issues. Hate to break it to you. The only real argument for playing as anything is being forced into it. Like Zelda, you're forced to play as a young boy, nothing wrong with playing as a kid, unless you're attracted to it without being a kid yourself. Playing as an Elin doesn't make you a pedophile, finding a character modelled after a child would though. The only actual argument for playing as an Elin is that you just enjoy it, or you were forced to play as an Elin because you are playing the Reaper class.

  17. The only pedophiles are the developers who decided to fuck the players and racelock classes
    Furrylolitas still creep me the fuck out though
    Shit wait does that mean that Elin are pedophiles? I mean they’re cougars at the very least but what’s the elin age of consent?

  18. U can call them eternal beings all u want and read the lore of this fantasy game, the fact of the matter is whether there Lil girls or not they still look like Lil girls and if ur really attracted to them then u have issues and unless ur a father of a daughter u won't understand, its the same gripe I have with Asians and wannabe Asians who idolize underage animated children, its distgusting

  19. The male gay argument is dumb because there's nothing wrong with being gay but there is something wrong with a adult male obsessed and attracted to a character who looks like a 5 year old girl, its disturbing, dark and twisted, I hate u libtard pedo apologists

  20. The lore of the elins are irrelevant, if u don't see the issue with it then u are part of the problem

  21. I don't think a pedofile will play Tera or any other game with a Loli race in it to fap to it. Most likely pedofiles will go on the darkweb looking for actual child pornography. And a even worst case scenario they will go out and abduct a child.

  22. Beside Elins are cute race to play as. People that judge on other people played as Elins well what if I judge on the race you play as

  23. Lmfao!!! Ham egg and cheese! Im dead. But to be honest its really not his kid he was adopted by rahbarn. But I agree ppl need to stop with the assumptions on ppl off of a video game character. I have a elin zerker and I have a lalafel. I see it like this. Its a game. Ppl taking it to far. 10/10 video. Also elin animation is the fastest on tera.

  24. I have 4 characters and they’re all Elin, LMAO. bless them they’re so cute.

  25. The only reason ive heard for being against elins are all emotional arguments and i think japan or china have the most lax porn laws but guess what there sex crime is practically gone

  26. Im a transgender woman who is physically attracted to adult men. Am I a pedophile for playing an Elin. I play an Elin bc they are cute in the way a cupcake is cute. I do wish that more of the Elin outfits actually provided decent cover though. It is true that all the outfits for females in Tera are way too revealing.

  27. Thanks for the video, I only like playing the elin race, but never feel turned on by them.

  28. Doesn't it say more about the people complaining about the elin, than it does about the people who play as elin because they find them cute.

  29. Agreed until you mentioned finding them attractive. This is a big debate not only here but around the concept of sexualized lolis in the anime community. Essentially what it comes down to is they're modeled after little girls because of the aesthetic and ideally not for creepy keyboard niggas to jerk off to

  30. Do people not realize it's possible to play an elin character without being attracted to it? The reason my friends and I made elin characters was for the memes, it's pretty funny to see a loli tank through hits that would knock over or kill any grown man. Why do people assume you must be attracted to your character? I agree that it is pretty questionable to be attracted to an elin but not all people make elins because they get off to it, there are a lot of reasons such as the one I previously stated (that reason being that it's pretty hilarious to see a bunch of little girls take on a frontlines role that you normally see massive men take on) that make people choose the elin race

  31. Ravioli ravioli don’t lewd the dragon loli

  32. Totally going to make elins to trigger people.

  33. Older and wiser than they APPEAR. Key word APPEAR. They APPEAR like slutty 9 year olds. The game made more money from purchases of slutty outfits for these characters than anything else. I dont have a problem with playing a little girl, but the game sexualiszes them.

  34. Wrong, the community doesn't have a problem with Elins, its those "moral" busybodies who make a big stink out of things that make others enjoy the game.
    These people do not play the game and they usually complain out of context. We should not give these neanderthals any attention as that is what they mainly seek.

    So by these people's mentality if you're attracted to a short person (let alone a fictional one…) then you are a pedophile. So they basically want every short person to die alone.

  35. omfg dude its a fuckin game lmao who gives a fuck what "race" you play???? it is literally the dumbest fucking thing in the god dam world to say someone is a pediphile for playing a elin. im so glad you made this video. lol people are just fucking dumb. and ff14 lolafells are tech plants…. not children. the reason you even hear dumb shit like this is because children dont know what their talking about. because honestly i cant see a full grown adult saying something so fucking retarded….. NOW with that said if there is adults that say this. then they should honestly just kill their self. kill their self and save the human race IN REALITY from becoming a primitive race.

  36. ALSO LIKED SHARED AND SUBBED! thanks for video someone had to make it and you did a hella good job!

  37. One character to un-pedo them all: Shantotto.

  38. I agree and would like to reiterate…they are a bunch of pixels…& no one is dating a bunch of pixels….if u are, or are thinking about it, you have issues. This rant is comical but this shouldn't even be a real issue.

  39. After this I'll be creating my Reaper class, thanks man XD, very funny video

  40. So…who want to bone little animal girls, you sick puppies.

  41. what if the popori where little boys with animal features would the argument be the same?

  42. I love my Elin ninja plus she has the lower body proportions of grown women not a child.

  43. Elins are 1000 years old in TERA lore… also this is as fucking pixelated character!!! its not real!!! like they need to stfu!!! lol

  44. no its not because their some eternal being its because their not fucking real i find it extremely sad that the majority of the internet still cant differentiate fiction form reality

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