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Tera Online Music Video

Carlos Karlsson
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Tera Online Music. A new video. I made this video up just for fun and upcoming to EU&America

I do not own anyting (only made this MV) rights go to Blue Hole Studio, En Masse Entertainment & Frogster

Music by : Dead by April – Losing you


  1. Then you must not be able to play many games, cause I run it well with very low cost material.

  2. Why is it everything I see in this game I like……I mean I cant find one thing bad with it….except for I can never play it because I dont have a gaming pc…..sadface.
    So when You all play the game play for us…those who want to but cant…and remember have fun for all of us lol.

  3. actually you could slightly edit out some of this songs video and change the music to 30 seconds to mars "Savior" I like this music vid but I just muted this and pulled up that song and it fit fairly well anyway just letting you know…

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