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TERA Online MMO Shutting Down 2022

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TERA the MMO that was known for it’s action based combat, released 10 years ago has been announced will be shutting down on June 30th for PC. Since the licensing is different for the PC version versus the console versions, there is no word at this time about the console versions, and they could very well continue operation. TERA has had a rocky cycle and passed hands from it’s original publisher and the PC version of TERA Online is now handled by Gameforge who said that the company would have continued developing for the MMORPG but the developers themselves made the decision to pull the plug and shut it down. So, on June 30th, TERA will be no more, at least on PC, this is scheduled to happen at 4am Eastern time on June 30th.
Gameforge did say that TERA will continue the ingame events up until the servers shut down for good. Now, if you have been playing TERA and you have investments into their cashshop, there will be no refunds for any of that, so use it if you got it kind of scenario.
I played TERA back at launch and although I thought tanking was pretty fun, I never fell for it’s world very much or it’s story and it never served to pull me into it and was never able to take it seriously, but I saw the potential it had with it’s, at that time, innovative combat. TERA was kind of the beginning of this True Action Combat at the time of release and I also remember it having some pretty cool open world boss encounters that they referred to to as BAMs or Big A-word Monsters.

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  1. Never NEVER! IN MY LIFE I HAD A JOURNEY AS AMAZING AS TERA!!! Well kinda hyped for Throne and Liberty but when i heard that is pvp focused i lost all hope for a good game. Tera was action combat, beautiful and pve focused, pvp was just for the extra fun. Well there are games like WOW and FFXIV but i never liked tab target combat. I guess it all belongs to the past now.

  2. I played up until they started boosting experience gain and dropping the avatar weapons. those kind of sullied the overall experience for me and left a bad taste in my mouth. before all that tho, the game had a really good rpg feel to it that wasn't a tab target mmo. it felt natural. I met a lot of interesting people and was able to make a lot of good friends along the way. I mained priest, and had set the standard on the server I was playing up until I left. kind of sad to see this go, maybe one day I will get a private server going and can do some balancing tweaks of my own. rip TERA.

  3. abot time jessus this game deserve to rest in peace it was great for its time

  4. This was my really real first mmo. Not my real first mmo, or first mmo, but my really real first one. The first first one.I put like 50-60 hours in it and I loved it and was so shocked to see how big the maps were and how there just kept being new ones.I only left cause im a weird type of video game player. I play a new game and play it religiously, then quit like midway through, and do that over and over again. There are rarely any that keep me forever or at least for 1000 hours.

  5. Such a big part of my life man, sometimes it's still hard to believe it's gone. The developers just took it in the wrong direction and tried to add every p2w mechanic known to Korean mmo's like cards, urgh. They also only focused on providing content for the top 1% of players (the whales) which played a big part in its downfall.Back when you had to loot gear instead of buy it from the broker and when you had to Masterwork it or craft the VM gear, those were the golden years.💔

  6. Luckily some people created a private server called Menma's Tera I've been playing there for a few weeks and it has quite a few refugees from all regions, everything is easy to obtain

  7. fear not if you wanna still play tera. memma's tera privet server is picking up rite where there retail shut down.

  8. oh wow. that's crazy. I remember when it came out and was the "future" of MMOs

  9. I loved tanking in this game as well but hated how the world was so lifeless and none immersive, its a real shame because it could have been so good.

  10. I played it casually back in the day, never really had a pc that could run it well tho. By the time I did have that pc I was playing other things.

    Fun enough combat tho!

  11. Yet another game that fell victim to the WoW player base and their need to destroy anything that wasn't WoW.

  12. Won't anyone think of the Elin? Had some fun playing this with a friend back in the day. They need to release the code so someone can take up the mantle.

  13. Woah, that was 10 years ago?? I played for about two months, I really enjoyed the game and graphics and exploring, but exploring felt limited to a theme park rail and like you said the world and story never came to life. Was such a great game to not be a great game

  14. EVERY SINGLE MMO goes through the same steps. They try to appeal to the casual audience by removing PVP, then that clears out the fanbase and it dies. Why does every mmo do this? It is what causes them to die, not a result as its dying.

  15. You know why this pisses me off as a solo player who only logged in to do dailies really, is that there are games older than Tera still kicking, I don't understand why they couldn't have found an inexpensive way to keep the servers running for people who just wanted to log in and experience the world. The original Everquest is still around. The original Guild Wars which I heard is run by only two people, is still around! It's a bitter pill especially if you've been playing Tera on and off for those ten plus years.

  16. It's all was planned, just search for tera elin valkyrie the end of the game pc version, for me I think the console version will end in 5 years or with the end of ps4 Xbox 1 support.

  17. This was the last MMO I played,
    I followed it for about 3 years before launch and played Korean TERA, for a while before NA launch.
    When the game finally released in NA my guild and myself no-lifed and stayed up for 2-3 days to become the first to max level in the server and be rewarded the prestigious title Prime
    Playing a warrior myself I was the only player on the server walking around with the 'Warrior Prime' title floating over my head
    We had all the prime titles but 2 in our guild.
    It was a fun time for us back then.
    But the game didn't have enough depth to it to keep us entertained and one by one my guildies began to lose interest and stop playing.
    I haven't played an MMO since.
    But soon,
    We will have
    Happy Gaming.

  18. The way publishing works for Tera is so dumb. It seems like only the PC version is shutting because there's no announcements on tera-console's twitter, but the announcement says ALL servers will shut down june 30. I guess I just have to wait till June 30th to know for sure

  19. It's always sad to see a game shut down but, honestly, I am surprised this game lasted as long as it did. I played the game when it originally came out and stuck with it for about 6-7 months. Had a decent time, but it lacked anything substantial to keep me coming back long term. I thought it had decent graphics, fairly decent gameplay, but it lacked the ability to connect me its world. I tried it again back in 2017/2018 to see if anything had changed and it was pretty much the same as when I first played. Still had decent graphics, decent combat, but lacked the ability to connect me to the world.

  20. Nothing can stop them from closing that game.

  21. Sad to see it go, I've played this game for a solid 2 years + back in the early 2016 till 2018 where I had to quit due to low population. I had a fantastic time in that game, playing from lvl 1 till late game and creating many alts to farm various items to make gold. The late boss fights were very tuff, they requires a lot of experience, good gears and skills to complete. The cosmetics in that game were some of the best I ever seen in an MMO and I always loved collecting them. Some were cute or sexy, others edgy. Right now I'm playing Lost Ark, I find it quite similar and lot of it seems to be inspired from Tera.

  22. FFXIV as always is welcoming of mmo refugees

  23. you think iam going to be wasting my time now trying to level up and you shutting it down ,NO WAY

  24. Sun setting servers is bullshit. Release the code or let people rent out the IP to host their own servers or something. This is the problem with MMO games. You invest a lot of time and money in them just so they can be shut down and you dont have an option to play them anymore.

  25. I feel sorry for this game because it is the first MMO game I have ever played I had so much fun in it there was a time when I started to have less and less fun and this is only because they were removing cool stuff and they cut the content more and more but I still liked to come back to this game over time because I have fond memories of it now the sadness that I won't be able to come back to her the only thing left to hope is someone from the rinds oh, I will miss her very great Gierek and I met my love there

    I remember many times how much fun I had in it 🙁 And I will never forget this game 🙁 I've never played better 🙁

  26. Ppl mostly means that was it with tera. BUT there's a reason that there wasn't any updates for a year in tera.
    It's called tera 2. The rumor is old now but I'm rly sure it will come.

  27. Man I loved Tera when max level was 55 but after that they did a bad job at making to 60 content cause all items quests and everything was too easy to do and the items you once farmed so hard to upgrade and evolve them were replaced with the new easy obtainable upgradable items at 60 also a lot of players had issues with starting or playing the game and there were not a lot of content creators or how to guides to keep the game alive.

  28. The reason I loved Tera was it was so close to World of Warcraft but the graphics were so much better and the gameplay is based so much on skill rather than just chance like in wow you had chance to dodge miss or parry a hit but in Tera you can dodge it with skills or if you aim bad you could miss or if you parry with your tank or even counter with brawler it made things way more lively in gameplay.

  29. I think the company should sell the game to a better game company.

  30. I had my best MMO experience with Tera and it will be well remembered.

  31. Oh wow, interesting. The game was actually really fun in the first few years of its release. I heard it got overly P2W Monetized into oblivion pretty much. They also randomly downgraded the graphics from what I heard. Sad to hear its ending, the most fun PVE Action combat in any mmo i've ever played. They did it really well.

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