TERA Online - Male Brawler Finally Coming To NA! & Console Open Beta Coming Soon - Learn More! - teraonline.be

TERA Online – Male Brawler Finally Coming To NA! & Console Open Beta Coming Soon – Learn More!

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●Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings today, I have some fantastic news for TERA! If you’re unaware TERA Online has a tendency to release new classes exclusively to to specific races or for female characters, so many fans of this fun Action MMORPG have grown tired of being locked out of classes, unable to create a male character for there chosen class. However not too long ago TERA added in an extra race that could be the Gunner, what race? The Elin! Gunner used to be exclusive to the Elf and Castanic race, and everyone figured it’d stay that way, same thing goes for the other newer classes, no one ever thought they’d allow more races to play said class or unlock the gender lock.

●Then it was announced that the Brawler class would be available for Male human, which had many people rejoicing! As the developers finally started listening to players an allowed for players to create a male version!

● Hope you guys enjoy

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  1. If ur change ur female brawler to male do u keep ur gears and avatars equipable?

  2. I hope yall know I'm looking forward to this day excitement intensifies

  3. If they gender and race unlock all/most classes, I might look at the game again in the future.

  4. Nice, looking forward to this game coming to PS4.

  5. Are those new skills you're previewing in the video?

  6. This has nothing to do with the players…
    I was ripping models and textures from the game, before there was NA PC version, and let's say…there was nipples and pus** in the textures (even on elin for those who don't believe elin was made by and for pedophiles)
    This game is a pervy dream for the developers – something to fap to, so they'd rather not focus to much on male characters – instead make all new classes female-only. Making brawler available to male humans, seem to be the bare minimum they can get away with.

    Anyway, i found out recently that Tera would be coming to PS4, so i was checking up on the game today, and found all these new classes, which is cool, and now i find out they are all gender locked haha, so fail. I was excited about brawler, then not so much when i learned it's gender locked, and now i see it will be available to male too, so that's cool.
    I'll give the game a shot again, cause i like playing with controller more anyway – hopefully the control is good.

  7. Such a waste of resources,

    Despite what the ignorants on the Internet claims, Tera has the most variety when it comes to race & class combination = Aman, H.Elfs, Humans, Castanics, Baraka, Elins, Popori x Warrior, Slayer, Berserker, Lancer, Archer, Sorcerer, Mystic, and Priest = 56 Different possible combination, and can be x2 if we consider gender a well — Take a look at other games, B&S = 19 combination, Bdo = 14 lol ..

    Yes, the latest 5 classes : Reaper, Gunner, Brawler, Ninja, and Valkyrie, are all race/gender locked, but if the ignorants aren't satisfied with the old classes and their ~112 possible combination, what make you think adding more choices to the last 5 will ??

    Fact is, even if Tera unlocked every single class, it population won't rise dramatically, success for an MMO is all about the loyalty of it players, and fotm grasshoppers whining about few locked classes, are needless fodders in the big picture. Developing content such as a new map/expansion should take priority, not listening to idiots.

  8. I don't think it's that they listened but more like they realized that the market they are gonna enter with the console release arnt fans of gender locking so and that in the long run people wouldn't spend as much money or time with the game if they kept gender lock.

  9. male gunner would have me running back to this game…i loved the class, but i really hate the way tera portrays women, like the way they stand and stuff is like they just walked onto a porn set, really put me off..so i mostly mained aman slayer..we'll see if this goes anywhere or if it's just a fluke…im feeling fluke, since the male brawler(in everyhthing i've seen at least) just uses the exact same animations as female, so it looks kind of weird seeing big ol beefcake tera human broman wiggling his ass constantly..

  10. I discovered this video on the 13th. Perfect

  11. Gender/race-locked classes shouldn't matter really. even if you get a male or other race brawler/gunner/ninja the quests, gameplay and all would still be the same. I doubt this update would even bring most players back. However It would probably bring more players back if theres a new male-only class no matter which race.

    Gender/race-locked classes shouldn't matter. but then again, its kinda weird that the new classes were all locked to basically female only… (gunner, brawler, ninja, valkyrie) so i understand why players want male brawlers. Deep down their tera hearts they just want a new class that is not female/race-locked.

  12. Only mmo where putting male on thumbnail would be more of a clickbait…

  13. It’s funny because it’s been three months and they still haven’t done it for console, this is why I don’t play Tera.

  14. 6 months in the future male brawler still does not exist on console lol rip

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