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Tera Online-LvL 65 Warrior PVP CS Yolo QUE

M Ow
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A little CS fighting i’ve done over the passed few days. Yolo que’ing at its best!

Music in the video is not owned by me an credit goes to those who made it 🙂

In order of play:
1) Flinch- Light It Up
2) Alesso- Heroes
3) Tiesto-Rocky


  1. Sup Jaigess its Ambit lol Randomly came across ur vid haha good stuff man!

  2. why i suck like a madman over warrior on cs… i need a guide update to do this… any ideas?

  3. Больше половины схваток с какими то бакланами бился…

  4. Hey so I've never played Tera before, but I'm very interested in it. I have been prepping for it for about two weeks. Before I play games I watch like 500 videos on it (No exaggeration). So I get the gist of it. Also have been thinking that id like someone to befriend (especially a warrior) to show me the ropes. I'm no noob, and I catch on pretty quickly. I have headset and everything ready for this. Please let me know if you will be that friend for me. Thanks! Oh and I'm willing to p2w! 🙂

  5. can u teach me how to play warrior class. i've been playing for 1 week and still don't know how to do quick skill.

  6. i have a question dude warriors can reach same berserk damage amount >!? " PVE "

  7. @Jaig Tera  what about archers ! it seems they are the lowest dps in the game !

  8. so do you always use def stance w/ cross parry for pvp? as opposed to like assault with evasion? probably a noob question but im learning warrior and i dont wanna get used to assault if def is just way superior in pvp and get bad habits xD

  9. Well play i get to play war defense really good gameplay 🙂 

  10. the def stance is cool but i dont like it much to be honest,i prefer fast offensive stance and interupting with auto attack and stagering and interupting the oponent all the time i think its better somehow….though def stance is pretty good i have faced somee warriors on def stance they where pretty good and hard to deal with but all the trick is to interupting the oponent with auto attack and using skills on that mere 1 second in which they are interupted and ofc not letting them open any space between u warrior rules 😀 just smart and calculated combos :D:D..peace!!

  11. Does it make more sense to play pvp on tank mode?

  12. Peepz like you's the reason they removed stagger on first hit~

  13. Is this game like' pay to win? just thinking to start playing it.

  14. класс пацан рубиться!)

  15. dude u got good skill playing war… i left tera in level 60 now war have chain like tank?

  16. Vety,very,very cool game 🙂

  17. lol how many shiit in the screen, only buttons buffs debuffs..quest cant see nothing..
    4 years playing wow i want not more buttons ty.
    Exist good mmorpg whit less buttons?

  18. BS->Vortex->BladeDraw->CoS->Pounce-> Rain of Blows. That's what you'r doing right? full attack speed vyrsks?

  19. tera enmasse, parch 4/7/2015 bye cancer but nice video (like)

  20. I respect you Baraka. Also impressive skills with the warrior tanking pvp class….and 6 v 2… XD…Damn Your a good example of why "Warrior" isn't as substitute as people claim it is in pvp forums.

  21. please tell me your combo, im a warrior too, can you?

  22. bye bye def stance stagger-lock. Now learn to play warrior…

  23. I hated the music when Im killing noobs i like hatebreed, disturbed, lamb of god, shit like that

  24. this has to be the best warrior I have seen so far . you just kill them so easily . how ? wish I can learn to play like that

  25. Can you provide me info about combo after backstab?

  26. hack confirmed guys look at 1:24 def stance and he using stun.. O.O

  27. love it man love it, i always wanted to see a rogue with plate armor !!

  28. in jewelry, what do u use? power, crit, speed, Griefing??

  29. that stagger lock with auto attack first hit is no longer available right ?

  30. Dude…how can you see anything with that UI? =(

  31. Tera's biggest drawback is the community,,bunch of immature haters…kick ass video,would watch more. good music too.

  32. Teach me senpai, really like this gameplay of warrior, want to be like you ^^ big up mate 🙂

  33. are the keys to winning using a warrior is stun and combo attacks and so on?

  34. That's a very gay playlist, exept if you are really gay or a woman. Nice play! Cheers.

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