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Tera Online Level 70 Gunner Gameplay with Glyphs/Rolls/Stats/Ep overview

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The most current source of information on gunner is the gunner Discord.

Credits to PoporiGaming for this gunner overview.
Ranged DPS (Plate armor), Race locked: Cast F, Helf F, Elin

a mix of high burst and decent sustained damage + positional utility, gunner is imho best described as a sort of ranged mix of warrior and ninja, favoring skill prioritization over fixed rotations.

– Great burn phases(2nd to none in fact if executed well)
– Good survivability(Tanky, passive self healing,”Cheat Death” passive, special Iframe in command:recall).
– Decent mobility.
– Lowish skill floor.
– Good Solo capabilites with plenty of stuns and simple burst “combos” that make short work of the open world mobs.


– High skill ceiling, the class requires a lot of actions to be taken in quick succession to function correctly, and because it’s priority-based there is a lot of decision making on the fly.
– VERY ping and FPS dependant to perform above average, a failure in either is a critical class handicap that can make this a dead class for you.
– survivability indirectly relies on your main iframe, but said iframe is also a DPS skill so foresight is required.
– disruption is extremely punishing, since it leads to losing important buffs(EP Force) that take significant time to rebuild
– the higher mobility requires some knowledge of how far your skills move you and their interactions.
– Requires a lot of EP/skill advance support to truly achieve its endgame.
– VERY mana intensive without Gear support (a glistening Dyad is basically mandatory past a certain stage).
– “arguable”: there’s is a general lack of information on the class out there.

gunner is a bit weird as a dps while you progress because

1: there are no built-in chains in ANY skill, making the class entirely priority based.
Because of this its important to learn how to cancel out of skill animations using your auto-attack skill/Arcane barrage/recall
2: your Gameplan changes as you level up and Gear up because of your skill scaling, most importantly how much power you have while maintaining good crit rates.

The most current source of information on gunner is the gunner Discord.

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  1. Special thanks to Jigurl from the guild Dauntless
    Tera Eu Mystel server for uploading this video to me 🙂
    The most current source of information on gunner is the gunner Discord.

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    I'm new to the game and I'm wondering which Dps/Rdps race does the most damage on End-game items in Pve?
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