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Tera Online Level 70 Archer Gameplay with Glyphs/Rolls/Stats/Ep overview

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The most current source of information on Archer is the Archer Discord.
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TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!
I play in Tera Eu Mystel server. if you need any help in Mystel server as a new player comment in the video.
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  1. Hey bro. Can u do all mix sets for dota 2. Thanks

  2. HI Pls Gunner if you can ^^ idk what glyps and ep point

  3. It's amazing thnx to both of u … Could u type the rotation ?

  4. Hello can you write your rotation of skills?
    And why the rapid fire is not 100? And is 10?
    I am kinda low on dps as an archer any tip?
    Thx mate gj

  5. Hey man. Can i ask you. Whats the hardest hitting skill in the game out of all classes. I always thought it would be zerker's ts, but in the videos i saw some higher numbers from Valkyrie and archer. Any idea? Two or three fast combo skills dont count. I am asking for single number

  6. hello, i started playing archer and i'm wondering how much crit factor i need to have 100% crit on each spell 🙂

  7. Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος says:

    do we know which class makes most dps atm its easier to start over again am a returning player it will help a lot if i play a char that makes a lot of dps to learn the dungeons mechanics and move on to my fav chars that is berserker valkyrie archer and do we know which class needs physical amp or magic to decide dark light or ahnilation gear

  8. is popori still the best race for archer class?

  9. Hey you have list of pros cons and playstyle of some the classes like valk and gunner do you mind adding that to archer warrior and ninja ? Ty

  10. Hi all, Can you tell me someone. How he perfect defense at last boss in RR? 8:49 TY so much

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