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Tera Online Level 60 Warrior Skill 750k Level 60 BAM Instance Boss

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Using a level 58 weapon! Need my level 60 one~


  1. 750k DMG took 7.3% of the boss' HP.. Hmm

  2. @ImKrankOnEpicwow steparu. com > previews > Tera Queen of Argon Part 1

  3. is there a class that uses guns and muskets in this game?

  4. How did you crit that high? Is it supposed to be like that, and if so do other classes have chances to crit super high like that? Because if it's just warrior then what's the point in having other dps classes except for CC…?

  5. @ShiningLink He must be using the following crystal set-up to crit. that high <<< One for 2 (maybe more due to lv60 cap now) times more damage when criting a boss monster from behind. <<< One for 2 (same as before) times more damage when criting a enraged monster.
    Dunno if there any other for this effect, and his swords prob. have crit. bonus too and alot of boss monster damage for sure.
    But yeah, endgame stuff is sick for every class. everyone can hit like a boss with the proper gear.

  6. Did the new patch greatly increase warrior dps? Or is it similar numbers just slightly different gameplay.

  7. @burndragon30 It still is a tank. And it is DPS too. Its called a hybrid. It can perform both roles but does not do either quite as well as the pure classes.

  8. They did not remake warriors into DPS anymore than they used to, nothing really changed except that this boss gets a massive vulnerability phase after you destroy his adds.

  9. Wrong. They added a mechanic where certain skills will cause stacking onto the boss (that's why you see a 10 stack near the end of the video just before the 750k crit). More information on that new stacking system was made by Nelfen /watch?v=-Dt7eQBo2QM

    It's not a huge improvement, but that stacking is what got Steparu's crit that high because of how high they stacked it. Had nothing to do with the boss.

  10. Acctually if you look at the boss he has a 60% armor debuff when you kill his babies… This is why you get that high damage. Wind Split that 10 stack skill caps at around ~350k damage

  11. ah. Either way, he didn't notice the stacking either XD so it adds up after a while

  12. God I can't wait for OPEN BETA I wanna play my warrior so bad and get up there and fight BAMs all day!

  13. seeing as you have probably seen all of the classes maxed out gear wise what race/class mixtures do you think have the coolest animations.

  14. wow. hmmmm thats some shit there. i can't believe u hit that high.

  15. same bro i pre ordered it ima play on frost R join me we can lvl togeter and do bosses later in game 😀 i readed alot about tera can't wait tell it come out dude. message me back if u want lvl togeter later in game message me back 😀

  16. just curious, if slayers and warriors hit this high at max lvl, how the hell high can berserkers and sorcerers hit under the right circumstances?

  17. they dont hit this hard. this boss made then to hit this hard. theres something redkuma do in that fight that allow ppl to hit a lot harder.

  18. @FrenzyR warriors do good damage compared to the other classes but only at end lvl.early lvl ure dmg cannot be compared to other classes.check out nalfen

  19. What's better your T11 +12 enchanted swords or a T12 with +9? Or are they pretty much on equal pages?

  20. After his adds are killed in the water with the electricity switch he gets a 20sec debuff increasing the dmg done to him.

  21. Actually warriors are good all the way through. It just depends on Gear/Crystals/Charms. But when you're saying warriors do good damage compared to other classes it makes it sound like they do the best which is not exactly true. Slayers/Sorcs hit the hardest.

  22. Someone could answer me who have a harder dps, Slayer or Archer? For MonsterHunting, not pvp

  23. i hit enemies that hard
    Using crystals to increase critical dmg from rear critical hits
    Plus a Scroll of Savagery V which increases critical dmg by 1.36

  24. who would win slayer vs warrior?… also what is the difference between sustained dps and burst DPS? It seems like people are saying slayer is better for some reason?

  25. PvP would be hard to say, as for who would do the most damage in a PVE fight – I would say warrior because the damage is pretty sustained. The slayer has too many charge up attacks that has to be timed properly to hit most of the time, but the warrior can just slash away continuously. Burst DPS is basically how much damage you can do within a short amount of time or using your best damage skills in one go, sustained DPS is basically continuous damage of small/medium amounts.

  26. thats normal..his weapon is one of top ones + enchantment + scroll or carving + crystals + combative strike + traverse cut + 10 edges stacked + some debuffs + he is MOB (bam one ) + his scythe (On crit) = what he said.

  27. debilitate 3 stacks, traverse cut 13 stacks, scythe with glyph of sharpness.
    with savage, forceful, acrimonious, focused crystals. power zyrks. scroll of savagery.
    accessories with crit multiplier. MW gear with power and damage from behind options.
    not to mention the priest buff + power charms.

  28. its nothing compared to kaias blessing buff in that story quest where even a lancer hits like that

  29. Get the glyph reducing the resolve cost by 100, then you can use dodge rolls up to 3 time in a row. Hitting with skills gives resolve back. You really should be able to handle it, look at warriors in the past, they had a cooldown on the dodge roll and no block for tanking and they could handle it. Try to benefit from the moving aspect some of your skills offer (Combo Attack, rise and fury). Many of your skills do hit in a 360° circly meaning you don`t have to aim exacly at it.

  30. Haha it's always fun to see comment responses after a year or so. Is this game still any good? I stopped playing a while back but I heard it's free now

  31. yes i personally think. because all items can be purchase by in game golds. and really easy to get golds so. but the same time, its really boring lol.

  32. Haha thanks for letting me know. Yeah game still feels boring as shit XD. Idk but at some point it just gets so…repetitive…

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