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Tera Online – Level 60 Sorcerer Bam Solo

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Vengeful Ice Giant Solo


  1. may i know if you are using swift charms, nostrums, or speed crystals? you sorc moves really fast and i don't get that speed on mine

  2. Ice Giants are really slow bams so you can actually get a lot of back attacks on them so I used a lot of rear crit crystals like forceful cruxes, savage crux as well as mutinous crystals for more bam damage. For glyphs the main ones were the +10% power when casting mana shield, all hail storm glyphs, mp reduc glyph + cast time on fireblast and magma bomb cd reset as well as tele jaunt reset which really helps in getting behind boss.

  3. how much gold do you get from farming these bams

  4. They drop up to about 22g each in pure gold but most of the money come from crystal drops which can go for up to 200g or so each if you get lucky and get the more desired ones.

  5. Well, this kind of BAM is always easy because of its heavy-slow-frontal attack.. U can always easily dodge the attack, but I admit u are some of people who can kill it below 3minutes ^^ Just for reference, which is faster gold farm, these BAMs or just normal mobs in pathfinder outpost? Coz I found it easier to farm normal mobs since all +6~+9rebirth set sorcerers can kill 7-8 of them in about 30seconds.. CMIIW

  6. I´m kinda new to TERA but are you using a skill or glyph that gives you some kind of haste at the start? Been playing Zerker but Sorc seems like the class for me.

  7. If you're talking about the cast speed it's a skill called Burst of Celerity if I remember right.

  8. What crystals do you mean? Armor and wep crystals? or some kind of crafting stuff?

  9. what's tha tool bar that changes? i mean the first on top? o.o

  10. Hmm I can't wait to be lvl 60 with my sorc, your vid inspired me 🙂 . I'm lvl 30 so i would say it's half way done but i guess that the remaining 30 lvl will be more difficult 🙂 .

  11. Hello, i just got Tera the other day and cant decide what class and race to pick.
    I really like the sorcerer or archer aproack ie range and high damage but i take anything that is high damage and easy to master.
    I will focus on solo pve moustly so if you can recomend me a class for thet ill be happy 😀

  12. Race doesn't really matter unless you want min/max for PvP. Easiest class to level up and solo imo is either Slayer or Sorcerer. With dungeons in parties I find Slayer/Warrior to be easier to play. Slayers will need a bit of work to get their glyphs though. The thing is at level 60 there's really nothing to do solo so you don't want to focus on that alone.

  13. Awesome, died 15 times trying to do that, the. I did it 2! It took me 5 min thought

  14. Do you not crit as often as lvl 60? I have 38 sorc and I crit all the time

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