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Tera Online Level 50 Lancer Crabby Dance

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Poking crabs for fun since I didn’t have a party for field boss hunting and dungeon timer was on cool down. Really old video when Tera first came out in South Korea.

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  1. YO man you play gunz right?? thx for the boost..

  2. you have to be able to predict when the mob will attack and block them manually, when he got hit like 1 time he lost a good 30~40% chunk of health, can't take too many of those.

  3. Yes, only you mash them in the right order and at the perfect time. It's called skill, like all things some people are good and some are not. Then there are the blind fools who cannot or will not see wherein lies the skill.

  4. i heard that you can just hold down the attack button

  5. I heard you can get a macro that holds the attack button down for you.

  6. this is a level 49 lancer, not 50. tsk tsk trying to lie to us. you can't trick me! *Dislikes*

  7. I think they changed graphics when they went F2P .. I downloaded it and doesn't look as good as this..

  8. what are u serius? they didnt change anything maybe ur setttings isnt on full check it…. or if is on full then ur graphic card is old and doesent show nice graphics

  9. WAAAIT THERE… R u using a Enli (little sorcerer girl)?

  10. lol there are no words to describe how retarded this is. Please, please, PLEASE never had children.

  11. Hoho you sound so tough behind that screen MR. Armchair Troll 😀

  12. Heh some people are and some are not, I know which I am and if there was a way to prove it I would come show you.
    But the fact remains, you are a fucking idiot :p
    "They downgraded the graphics when they went f2p" is just so fucking stupid on so many levels that I actually fell stupid just for pointing it out.

  13. game looks beautiful but button mash for minutes,no thanks.thats main problemm of mmos unfortunately.

  14. wouldnt call it button mashing, lancers in this games arent required to be very mobile, as the whole advantage to them is high hp,def and great blocking. there are other classes which require more movement and what not.to be good at this game you have to use your skill combos and have good time with your blocking and skills….you wont really find many mmo's where you don't have to press keys to use your skills lol, it's simple and efficient.

  15. why those koreans r so damn good on mmo game? 😛

  16. To be honest. You still click to do combos. But Isn't that better then letting the game do everything for you? Most MMOs now you just click a quest and the NPC who gave it to you, and you just automatically go to them, without you doing a thing lol. Not really playing those games. But thats me. If you haven't tried it. You should at least give it a chance. Its super fun.

  17. Idk why people complain about this game. "you just mash buttons? no thanks" lol seriously.. It's better than the game doing everything for you. This game requires skill of the player. Gear does play a role, but mainly, if your good with your class, you'll be giving that player with better gear a run for his money. This game is amazing.

  18. uh I think they were using the old system for this one so; as in no RE yet :X I just noticed it too.

  19. I'm going to give this game a shot, looks asian enough to be beautiful and have fluid , epic combat, but not too asian you know lol

  20. If only u could play like this in the battleground…

  21. Damn I ain't fucking her, she got them real bad crabs XD

  22. omg i can't look at this any longer….to much elin……BAN THEM FROM THE GAME PLZZZZZZZ

  23. "button mash for minutes" you don't like video games right? ._.

  24. wouldn't be fun or challenging if you kill the boss with 3 hits.

  25. Button Mash? You clearly haven't played this game l0l.

  26. This actually kind of helps me decide on playing a Lancer.

  27. STEPARUUUUUUUUUUU, wassup man 🙂 been a long time since i visited ur channel.

  28. I know that this video is old, but playing as a lancer seems awesome. * – * I need one now ; v ;

  29. I didn'even tryed to engage those crabs playing archer.

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