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Tera Online Level 42 Dungeon Boss 1080p

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Yikes, first time trying to fight this boss :3

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  1. I didnt type tera online. I was just searching some new mmo to play because im lil bored these days. This vid just showed up at some point by clicking those suggestions. Tera online is definitely not the game i was searching for (as im not a virgin and i have seen some real woman's ass in front of my eyes – so i am searching for some other things at a game).

  2. if only this game wasn't p2p… so many more people would have joined… including me

  3. Since that fool did not reply, let me enlighten you with some example of 'good' games. Firstly, Neopets. No argument, best game in the world. Close second would be Battle-on, and not far from it would be Hello Kitty Online. Those games are way superior than the lieks of WoW, GW2 and Tera.

  4. there is a discovery mode going on right now, play free till level 28! and if accummlate 1500 gold coins in the game you can buy chronoscrolls and lay for free. ill be honest it might be hard to accumulate that much gold coins for awhile but if play hardcore for a month then you can get it done

  5. lmfao your character shoves her butt in your face on purpose!

  6. Thats one hell of a shield and what class were you using?

  7. This games looks amazing :o, now that gonna be free to play, i hope i can play it, idk if my pc its good enough to play Tera, maybe in low graphics xD

  8. Hey steparu do you prefer Blade and soul of Tera>?

  9. My sister's boyfriend just told us about it! I'm so excited!! x]

  10. hmmh… The skills look so simple . I was looking for sthing better than C9 to play 😀

  11. Can some1 explain tera to me pls? Are they tank/dps/and healer roles like in wow? do u have loot from creeps and boses?Do u have mounts? is there any site i can see that?

  12. What's with that incredibly stupid logic? Looks like a little girl, sounds like a little girl, story says she's over 200 years old so it's okay to see her as not a little girl? She's still a fucking little girl.

  13. Is oooooooohhhshhhiitttt a universal language? LMAO

  14. You only say that because you've never met someone that looks like a little girl but isn't. No matter what it's still a gross thing. Would you have sex with an 18 year old in real life if she looked like she was 10? If your answer is yes you have problems. That's all.

  15. i no im lvl 13 lancer 😛 if anyone wants to play togeather pm me in game z3m0s1 ima tank 4 u 😀

  16. so this Eli creatures, were created by their godess with the gift of be like children (probably) for ever, although the can die by being murderer or stuffs like that, they cant die by the pass of the time…so chronologically they are very old but biologically they're still and allways be like children, of course, some of them children with a very mature mind acording to the experience gained trough the time

  17. or think about dogs, their lifecycle it's 7 times faster than human cycle, that means that a 7 years old dog (the chronological age of a simple human child) biologically had 49y/o… so u can´t use the human chronology for all kind of things and species because the pass of the time doesnt couse the same effect in all things, so yeah… the Elis are children, very old children but still children, go read a book of science, probably u could learn something and open more your mind ;3

  18. the lancer does absolutely dick for dmg. Not a bad tank though,(boring) U made up my mind for me. Im going DPS

  19. of course that there not things like "old children", not in real life, but u have to realize that the eli race doesnt exist in the reality, its a fictitious race in a ficticious world with fictitious biological laws wich are based on real ones, i used the example of the dog and cosmos just as analogy of how the pass of time act in different ways in different beings, even in the real world theres creatures wich lives for so long that seems to be inmmortal….

  20. only cuz in this world theres no such a creature like Elis, doesnt mean that the same case its inpossible on a ficticiuos and mythological world like this. Indeed our world its full of legends and stories about inmmortal beings which never get old, in this case the Elis, created by a godess, can live indefinitely without get old cuz their organism was created in that way, as the same way, the aman can live many centuries but not 4ever, and Elfs are inmmortals too but stop growing at some point

  21. so why in this ifcticious world, the creatures couldnt had ficticius organisms?.. u just need to open your mind and see the situation from a better point, btw, the most part of people who used to choice elis as characters are women, and the most part of all people (men/women) choice them only cuz they look cute and nothing else, if a man think that something its cute doesnt mean that u are a pedo or something like that, eventhough the most part of men use this race only cuz they look funny …

  22. u know that tiny bodi charging bulky equipements like nothing XD, so i know that even if there some people who use the class with wrong ideas, but thats only a little part of all people who used it just cuz like looks cute or its funny, so chill out dude, at the end the problem its not the race, its some pople and their dirty mind, but that doesnt mean that the most part of them are like that way :). In my case i think that the race its cute, but i dont use it cuz they doesnt look fierce 😉

  23. sorry my grammar i know that sucks 😛

  24. womens are fighting for freedom, mens are staying home for children and food

  25. I really like the free target style but at the same time hate it because Im a healer and people will not stay still for shit even if they're dying. But its really good training for any other game if you're a healer I must say.

  26. the tanks ive had for this just couldn't keep this boss still or keep up aggro. maybe it's an issue that appeared since the resolve patch? idk, maybe im just getting a bad draw in instances.

  27. also, that priest should not be DPSing… they draw aggro by basically existing and should stay out of combat mode to allow for mobility for heals. dumb idea on their part. 

  28. It looks okay, but 7 minutes in looked like 2 minutes in. It was just dodge and DPS. I don't see how this fight was even remotely enjoyable for anyone but the Tank cause they just sat there shooting the boss down. Also, no adds and no mechanics whatsoever. It seems like it's just tank and spank with a block button. For solo play, I think action MMO's are good…but tab-target do Raids much much better IMO.

  29. Радион Раскольников says:

    я чё здесь один Русский ?

  30. just so sick of these asian MMO's with their ridiculous loli races alongside all female characters being porn stars with huge balconies that are covered with "armor" the size of a leaf.

  31. Not sure if you repeatedly hit the boss in the head or repeatedly in the crotch >_>

  32. ahhh back in the days when i was so in love with this game

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