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Tera online Launcher start fix/ solution

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Tera online Launcher start fix/ solution

Step1: Start the launcher
Step2: Press ctrl+shift+esc (taskmanager)
Step3: Find TERA-Launcher.exe and click End Process.
Step4: Open your control panel (Start -> Control Panel)
Step5: On the right side search for: network
Step6: Open Network and Sharing Center
Step7: Click Change adapter settings.(Left navigation menu)
Step8: Right click Local Area Connection. Disable and after enable it again.
If you are on wifi: DIsble the wifi connection and enable it again.
Step9: Launch Tera.
Step10: Enjoy ^.^

If its still too fast:


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  1. i had this exact same problem, and this didnt work for me, but my computer is quite new and i noticed i was missing service pack 1 in my windows 7 ultimate and i downloaded it and it fixed the problem! so if this isnt working for u check that u got it: Start -> computer -> system properties and if it doenst say "service pack 1" under windows edition u dont have it 🙂

  2. This does not work, And it doesn't solve the problem.

  3. Soon as I log in the launcher appears and gets me to log in again do you know haw to fix this???

  4. for me its stuck at the loading screen before you log in :/ . please help

  5. This video is a waste of time you can't see what he/she is doing they are doing it so fast and you can't read the letters what they are pressing on. You need to re do your video this one sucks.

  6. Didn't work :/ my problem is when i click open it doesn't start just like what you showed in the beginning of this vid

  7. Thx man~ it worked.. disable the connection, launch TERA client and THEN enable guys

  8. In my case:-
    Disabled connection=>Launched Tera Client=>Enabled Connection=>Logged in to Tera Website through Accounts at the Client=>Went to Settings at the client =>Repaired files.
    And then everything was back to normal 🙂

  9. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees¡¡ God bless you¡¡ :v okno xD

  10. It does not work Ty for waste 30 mins of my life <3

  11. Tera always had problems. Retriving Manifest, now this, and the Admins never had an awnser. Now, i'm having this problem too, fact is, this solution works if you don't have a patch. I have one, it works untill it ends the patch, and the launcher shuts down in the end. Great Stuff

  12. It's really strange how over 2 years has passed since this video was published and yet there has been no official patch/fix or even a mention from gameforge that this is even an actual problem to them…

  13. i'm not getting the messege that tera is going on in the background, my launcher just won't start

  14. It was only too fast in terms of the Disabling Local Area Connection and then Enabling it. 

    I my case, I had to Disable Local Area Connection –> Launch Tera –>Enable Local Area Connection. Then, all was well. 

    I'm using a Wi-Fi connection using Belkin Adapter. Win 7 64 bit.

  15. You're an angel!! Been trying for 2 hours after the maintenance was done, thank you so much for making this (^w^ )/

  16. wow this was posted years ago and is still happening now teras technical team are fucking cunts!

  17. Thank you SO MUCH CHU SAVED MY LIFE <3 <3 xoxoxoxo

  18. I wish that'd work for me. Mine just refuses to boot up the launcher at all.. Regardless of turning the connection on/off or the firewall.

  19. yo man. problem still persists. but i do the eme diagnostic test and the result is this:

    DNS: OK

    We were unable to connect to our servers in a timely manner from this computer. Please check your internet connection is active and functioning.

    what could be the solution for this? thanks in advance dude. I'm playing tera NA

  20. here we are in fucking 2016 and teras launcher is still bad.

  21. Nope, i tried all this but still the same problem.
    But thank you for your try 🙂

  22. Guys just run in compatability mode. Worked for me on win10

  23. pls upload tera-launcher.exe file

  24. it didn't work for me. and yes it is 2017 and we still have this problem.

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