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Tera Online | Labyrinth of Terror | 60 Berserker Solo | HD

Alexander Apneseth
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Me doing Labyrinth of Terror in Tera with a level 60 Berserker..
Im mainly farming this cuz im bored..

In this run i had really bad luck having almost no good crits, so it took me a while, even with crit scrolls and keen charms

I have some immence lag spikes sometimes, not visible in the movie tho, So it might seem abit noobish.

If you have a warrior or a slayer, your much better of doing it with them.. slayer has the same dmg as me, since i cant overcharge without priest buffs.. and warriors can get through the barricades much easier and can skip bosses and mobs

This is my first movie ever, I have no experience with sony vegas, or editing in general.
So be nice 🙂

If you have any tips or tricks, please post a comment


Enjoy the video..


  1. nice video, just 1 question dude: how the hell do you place your "next chain skill" icon above your own head? that kinda rocks, I want it too lol

  2. You upgraded your unchained anger, which is bad.
    You barely go to the rear, which is bad.
    Use the glyph to half the overcharge damage for TS, so you twice as much damage.
    You never use vampirc strike behind TS or CS…..
    Last but least, not even cancelling your hits to get instant chains, such a bad berserker with good gear.

  3. wish bezerkers were the ones wealding a sword then i could choose the class i whant to play much easyli

  4. can someone give me the name of the background musik?

  5. Hello i just got tera the other day and cant decide what race and class to pick.
    Classwise i like something high damage solo pve capable (sorcerer seems funand archer too) yet i cant decide and adwice on what to pick?

  6. Which is the mouse full of buttons. Great investment for a pc gamer and I highly recommend it.

  7. I really don't understand how gamers like that mouse, it seems to uncomfortable to me…and i HAVE tried it…it's just very (insert good word for gross here).

  8. Songs?:O
    Btw, Epic zerker you got there 😮

  9. There are different variations of it. I have the one the glows blue with 12 small buttons on the left side of the mouse. My thumb hovers right over the buttons and I hold like a normal mouse. It still took some getting used to, but if your not up for razer naga keybinding all your abilites works too. Google some keybinding guides.

  10. Try out all the different classes Berserker does incredible burst dps. But the dps is slowed by charge time. I prefer Slayers myself and the Aman race, they just look epic.

  11. Does killing the clown on the last boss fight do something?

  12. It stops the pillars on that side of the room from doing those aoe's.

  13. Dislike the video and watch another one. This lags all the time

  14. If you are not a popori berserker you are not a berserker! xD

  15. Thats not true, u can get in at level 56 or 57 i think, but there is no way of doung this below 60 by urself 🙂

  16. I dont get it… u say u cant overcharge cause u get to much dmg from it… I play a zerker to and i overcharge ALL my skills for maximum damage and i dont die man… and yeah solo LoT.

    (Sry for my bad english not my language :P)

    But all in all nice video!

  17. this video is old so i'd say he didn't know how to play as a serk at all lol… he dies if he overcharge? that just plain stupid , if you always chain vampire blow after any overcharger you will get the hp you lost overcharging and if VB crits you might get more hp then what you lost.. and as you can see in the vid he wasn't chaining the skills

  18. Everyone leaving negative comments, come on, give him a break =/ He did well =D

  19. Just one question, it seems like you didn't glyph it to regen mana when you have a successful block. It would help, me thinks =3

  20. i stopped playing this game a few months ago, cant really remember wich glyphs i used :/

  21. Not bad, but could have done better and even with lower gear can still do better. You could have used vamp a HELL of a lot more often. It would add to burst and replenish about 50 percent of the hp spent on OC. That and it killed me not to see MP on block here. Roll w/ MP on block, HP regen greater sc, with crit greater sc. and use vamp more often chained off of TS / Cyclone. Will improve kill speed and dealing with hp loss of oc.

  22. is still possible evade through this fence 13:10 ?

  23. wow so long with berserker. /watch?v=x4JPkBrpFMA that my lot with sorcer 1 year a go

  24. Yeah, as a Zerk, when you don't have a healer with you, you notice that you're not as keen about overcharging so recklessly. XP Though if you overcharge by one tick or two, you can trigger the chain into Vampiric Blow through Thunder Strike/Cyclone Smash. The heal should cover the health loss from the slight overcharge. 

  25. I rather play pokemon than this, its too glitchy and lacks in everything.

  26. How Do You jump through the barricades??? with human warrior??

  27. really long and even more with useless glitch, not really impressive and does not stick with the epic music.

  28. Mind sharing what kind of mods you use please?

  29. what name of first song????? Pls who know tell me

  30. Sell my Tera acount on Mount Tyrannas server 3 chars in, all 60
    my skype – rivasdjuse

  31. That is the most colorful setup I have ever seen!

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