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TERA Online [KR] Awakening 7 Class – Action Skills Demo

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TERA Online Korea Server
Awakening 7 Class – 2017.12.21
New video editing by Cyconplay


  1. brawler: cool

    berzerker: w h o a

    slayer: disappointed

    warrior: mighty f i n e

    priest: some changes needed

    lancer: ???

    mystic: is fine, to an extent

    Overall, I knew this was coming, a lot of the classes seemed dull and "boring" in a way, like berzerker and slayer, so far with my experience with berzerker there is only so many ways you can output damage (applies to slayer also).
    This game pretty much needed this kind of update.

  2. Nice but are there still ppl playing this game? …

  3. so basicaly just like blackdesert tera now also has awakening xD

  4. Is nobody going to talk about how the lancer basically becomes reinhardt lol

  5. So Tera is getting awakened classes, when is that happening on NA?

  6. Don't play tera!!! YOU CAN BE HACKED!!!.. ITS HACKED EVERYWHERE.. RIP TERA!!!!

  7. Can anyone else say Zerker, warrior and Lancer got the best of the awakenings? <3

  8. My healers are finally getting some love. I'm so happy

  9. Mystic finally being the god they were meant to be and why do they summon this huge green jello?

  10. Pretty happy about new mystic changes cant wait #not worried about people picking up my orbs…

  11. As a Brawler, I think this is gunna be a good time.

  12. If they decide to Awakening the Valkyrie . I suggest that give valkyrie 4 more arm and 5 more Glaive . The one that like Bleach's Nnoitra Gilga .

  13. В бдо бы эти классы добавили)

  14. So is this going to be released for the NA servers in 2025 or when exactly?

  15. Why there's a gender restrictions and also I can't play this game 😭 because of IP Bock from Asia, Africa etc.. damn when will this game available in my country

  16. That new berserker skill might just bring me back to the game

  17. Can't wait for my summons 🙂 and I'm hoping my orbs kill my teammates just saying….

  18. Os there any news for archers ? That class is so .. zzzzz

  19. What's more preffered in PT ? Priest or Mystic?

  20. Can anybody tell what armor/costume the Brawler is wearing? In the actual gameplay

  21. damn this all looks sooo nice.. i wish this game wouldnt be dead… 🙁

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