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TERA Online “Is It Worth Playing?”

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TERA Online is a free to play MMORPG that I’ve previously covered in a First impression and Journey To Level Cap Series, Once I hit level 60 though I lost the will to keep playing and abandoned that series, Today I finally found the motivation to play TERA again and make that final push to level 65 as well as check out a bit of endgame and wrap the video up with a Pros and Cons section.

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In this video I manage to get to Level Cap in the Free to play MMORPG known as TERA Online, an MMO that’s known for It’s fun action combat gameplay and overall weirdness, I decided to play the Gunner class which I eventually got rather bored of, the goal of this video was to wrap up my unfinished TERA leveling series and come to a conclusion as to whether or not TERA is a game worth playing, I suppose you could consider this a review since I have seen a lot of what the game has to offer with the exception of the high end game dungeons.

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TERA Online “Is It Worth Playing?”


  1. Tera is sh**t the big hub city is nonsense, everything looks the same, easy to get lost, small ass minimap, streets designed more for eww wait 10 secs while we load the next area console games of gen 6….games haven't had to do that in years, there's no logical order to the city, it'd makes some sense that oh the thieves guild is way over here so we take our horse over this long road to get there but when everything is jumbled together and you put stupid ass long roads the get there it's dumb…WHO DOES THAT??
    sorry but Bluehole did better with Devilian…..
    Tera is kinda ugly, very clunky, dumb, overly complicated in the wrong ways and generally not fun…..
    you could put me in the worst scenario in DCUO and it'd be better than Tera's best scenario….

  2. Could you guys recommend an MMORPG, PvE based open world for free?

  3. But since it's a free to play you have to blow a bunch of money to upgrade your gear. Not to mention they lock dungeons behind "a couple of dungeons a day" mobile game mechanic where it limits me to how many dungeons I can do a day just to upgrade or find better gear. Not a fan. I like to do dungeons however many times I want in a game. Will not happen in this game unless you spend money to have a couple of extra dungeon runs. End game was very disappointing

  4. The longer I play the more I see these annoying glitches and invisible walls

  5. Elins are actually not kids their over 1000 years old also you do NOT have to do those quests lol their really a waste of time and maybe something to go BACK and do after hitting 65 in like 5 hours

  6. It’s so boring at lvl 65, I’m in queue for pvp 56 min and still not starting. What a crap, you can only do the same dungeons over and over

  7. I love how everyone, even Tera lovers, are passively acknowledging that Tera's questing is awful.

  8. Plays Tera.
    Decides NOT to play as Elin

    Something's wrong with your brain, dude.

  9. game looks made for and by perverts or what?

  10. i quit this game cuz the end game dungeons take FOREVER to queue up for

  11. TERA is a nice game but undeniably ruined by gender/race lock amongst other garbage.

  12. i think it was pretty fun but the questing does suck a lot and the monsters are pretty weak

  13. Downloaded it on ps4.
    Took 4 hours to find a somewhat decent name that wasn't taken or involves multiple x's and numbers.
    10 minutes in and bored as.fuck.
    Fetch questing to fix a doll and nodded off.

    I would rather play Borderlands 2 or The Pre-sequel than Tera(ble)

  14. I think the gender locking is because they don't want to style each costume for each race and sex. They could of at least done male female elins tho….

  15. Tera tends to attract a… Certain type of community.

    A community i will never want anything to do with.

  16. This game is full of pedophiles and gender benders. Not even joking.

  17. It was barely worth playing back when it was released 😁

  18. I already have 10 characters on lvl 65. XD I just like this game too much

  19. "There's something about questing in tera that makes me wanna stick my head in the oven" 😀 😀 i love peon

  20. i do not remember that getting to a dungeon is easy

  21. I love tera great game great combat it's got charm and great cosmetics

  22. What skin u useing on you're gunner

  23. I love TLP's "Is it worth Playing" series but he always picks the worst class, or at least in my opinion, the most boring class.

  24. this is like the ep7 of Journey to Level Cap,

  25. The difficulty in dungeons raise really fast in the end game. You can basically face roll before ilvl 431, but starting from ilvl 439 everything gets suddenly 10 times harder. I see this guide was made 3 years ago and maybe they didn't exist by then.

  26. I recommend you to play Tera again, the pve is the hardest things right now! XD

  27. is a very good online game im playing on console , but im having a hard time doing smelting system

  28. 8:16 Never underestimate the power of the Elin Ninja. She's cute and deadly.

  29. Is it worth playing in 2020 revisit for Tera incoming?

  30. Tera is like rolling around naked on shards of rust and broken glass.. because only auto-masochists play Tera. Emos who are tired of their razor blades that just dont cut it anymore.. literally.. they come to play Tera.

  31. Keeps complaining about how the outfits aren't modest, what is this woke TV….Go and play animal crossing.

  32. Looks too much like that blessed unleashed bs… ESO is better in my opinion

  33. Personally, I think TERA's mob and boss designs are terrible compared to Guild Wars 2

  34. I enjoy tera not my full time fav game tho. I commonly play it when I'm bored and I don't feel like finding other games to play.

  35. 15:50 "some of these guys I was killing in 3 hits". You must have died playing WoW then. Didn't even have to move in that game for 3-4 hit kills. Though having a lot of them. It can be tiresome to look at the screen all day while playing, so in a game like WoW, where you could 1 hand play often, and even look away, I think people could better deal with the repedetive.

  36. One of the worst mmos of all time to me.

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