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Tera Online In 2021: Still Hangin In There

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For a reason I cant put my finger on I was feeling nostalgic for Tera, so I booted it up to play again, and decided to try and make a video on it. Ive never gotta to cap in this game, I never will, its fun to start off with, but bores me to tears within mere hours. I tried playing Tera twice more after the first video I made on it and…I just cant, Im hoping this time I learned my lesson. My memories of this game keep dragging me back, but then I get here and I see how much the games been gutted, I want the original Tera.

Also I cant for the life of me get my audio to place im happy with.

Link to Nerdslayers tera video:
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  1. Tera is all about the gameplay mechanics I'd say, but you wont get a feel of that until you run dungeons at lvl 65+. Also, the skills really impact the game after level 65 where you unlock Apex skills.

  2. i've noticed the afk spot is the city of highwatch now because it's the end game city

  3. This is exactly how I see the game whenever I go back xD

  4. You can just skip the questing if u keep doing dungeons as those will give you enough exp to get to lvl 60-65. With a little effort you can actually clear the 5 man version of the dungeons instead of the solo versions.

  5. I am desperate to enjoy Tera again… but I know that this game will never reach a decent place again. I'll miss the combat and the potential but I suppose that's just how it goes with Gameforge.

  6. Er, bit of a dissenting opinion here. But I kinda appreciate how fast the questing in Tera is now. the combat is simplistic at those levels, but its still fast paced. Story quest needs you to kill 20 trash mobs? You can do so without slowing down (class permitting). Your character's always on the move, with minimal backtracking. Which is something many MMOs don't do. And considering how much of a slog their campaigns are, sometimes it's best to just speed to the end where the game can finally begin. Then again, I mostly played ranged characters when given a chance. So your mileage may vary.

    Doing the campaign with a healer sucked, though. Ranged class be damned. Not sure if they changed that, but never again will I go through that in Tera.

  7. They deleted my characters after merge… I just found out today what happens to past mounts u bought

  8. highwatch and baldera are more populated than velika

  9. Hi I want to play Tera with my friends, does someone know how many players can play together in a party(team)

  10. Played it from 2013 to 2015, the golden era of tera. Tried to get back, but it just isn't the same anymore.

  11. Good video but I disagree with the elin rant. Lolis are the best part of any game/media they're in.

  12. Hello. Had anyone had problem in Gameforge, when clicking play Tera: "Error has been occurred, please try again later"?
    Can't fix it. Please someone help. Don't want lose acc with 14 chars-

  13. Started playing recently, it’s fairly active on console, instead of people afking in velika (which there still are heaps) alot of the players who actually play the game seem to be around Highwatch

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