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Tera Online Huge Dungeon Boss 1080p

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Dungeon Rushing the boss, less tanking more DPS’ing. Lancer damage blows.

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  1. does this game have intense pvp? like players can get killed anywhere and drop items?

  2. In wich way has gw2 been succesfull ? its dead now like every other mmo apart from WoW. i am not a WoW lover i am just saying…

  3. intense pvp yes. you have to aim your skills via the HUD much like a FPS game. Drop items? no sadly the ecenomic state of the game is a bit to high end for that but items can break from PVE Deaths.

  4. I cant stop playing tht game! >.<" GW2 I mean..

  5. Gw2 also failed pretty hard, sure it had lots of pre orders and a large player base at first, even i was static for its release but, it was one of the worst mmo's i've played.

  6. HE TOOK THE MOST LAME CLASS with the WORST GRAPHICS to make a video.

  7. yea you also failed to mention that gw2 is so fucking casual that lvling up or gettin better equipment is literally pointless b.c no matter where you go the monsters lower to your level…….waste of money and time..

  8. WHOA GUY, lancers are most deff not lame…they are the ultimate badass in the *ill never fucking die* department^^ and there dmg is not that far off from a slayer or warrior build thats decent……

  9. with 'lame' i meant that lancers dont have cool moves , they dont try to dodge , it doesnt require the skill that other classes require like sorcerer. they are good for tanking but you cant make a good video with them to show the games beauty . and you missed the other part of my comment . graphics.

  10. im feelin the same way, what games are out there that are even worth playing these days??

  11. You do understand that the content being released in Tera, in the in-game shop, is purely cosmetic, right? Using a system like this nullifies the possibility of paying to win. The way Tera is going about with the F2P model is actually quite interesting. It's essential the way PSN is doing PS+. You can play for free but if you want you can pay monthly and get a few extra things, all of which are either cosmetic and miscellaneous items.
    Please research before bashing a game.

  12. yea i was just nit picking bo the lancer and yea you could totaly make a vid showing off the ballertude that is the lancer…just go into instance leash an master leash boss and do a no damage run fer your team and yourself…cuz master leashing cuts out enemies atk animation so you can technically aggro and fight a boss with a party and have the lancer make it so where no one ever got hit..thats really kool if you ask me and takes lots of skill in the timing department^^

  13. yeah but it doesnt look as cool as the others . a video with not lower dimm graphcis that he used and another class that looks more beautiful like sorcerers or berserker would look good ! I never said something about lancers being lame or not usefull . they are one of the most usefull classes of the game .

  14. ok graphics i get…but the class part? zerkers just spin like crazy and sorcerers only have a couple flashyish lookin spells…you wan flashy you gotta go warrior or slayer for mobilty,huge crits lots of different sword skills and huge damage^^

  15. but then again i play the least flashy classes (mystic,lancer,sorcerer <—kinda flashy)

  16. Funny, when Tera went to F2P, its still not P2W. When Tera Online went F2P, yes you could buy costumes, and strongbox keys and some exp and gold boosts, but every other F2P is like that now today. I seriously doubt you could find a F2P game that's different! Make your own game then and stop complaining about P2W games you poor bastard! Continue being the village idiot. It's much more fun laughing at your fail attempts to insult the YouTube community with your stupid insults Vindictus fan boy.

  17. Really? It took me 2 weeks to get from 1 – 60, playing it off and on.

  18. if you skip the unnessisary(<cant spell it) quests yes you can get to lvl 60 in 2 weeks

  19. Hi, I was wondering what you're playing this on?

  20. this game is like a super advanced version dragonica……….

  21. I was an avid PSO2 player and can say this game didn't remind me of it at all lol. However, this game is very enjoyable. ANNDDDD I heard PSO3 coming out!!

  22. What sucks is that idk what she did or if resolve bar wasnt in there back in 2011 but it restricts you from tanking like she did. It decreases as u hold your shield up and prevents u from using your shield.

  23. O_o; 10 keys = 10.000 gold
    master alkahests for free and what not. how is this not pay to win ? 😀
    everyone has +12 now.
    it's pathethic^^
    though.. im never reaching end content any other way i hate grindy.. ^^ atleast with random people. if you got a solid 5man the regular Tera before strongbox appeared was better.

  24. dude… if you want a skill based game, don't play mmorpg. Play MOBA games such as LoL or DOTA 2 it's the true F2P. All mmorpg games are P2W, maybe there's a few of them that is F2P, but mostly they're all P2W

  25. Ah good 'ol Necromancer's Tomb. Good place to get some high level gear for mid to high 40s. Hella fun zone though!

  26. wow it's the Barroth from MH3 😀 I hated my first Barroth so freakin much 😀 

  27. Jesus how can u play like that no stuns no noething this is why people lose dundeons -_-

  28. for all asking this game is 50 dollars to buy and has a 15 dollar a month subscription fee

  29. How is he/she vulnerable to that bwast atks???? And which class is better in combat? I have sorcerer is that good?

  30. How can this be 1060p57 isnt it 1060p60

  31. TERA is still great even after all this year and new online game keep spawning
    sad,how can they keep failing, there is ton of new game but not many playable and even less that is actually as good,just when i thought i find decent game I keep getting disappointed

  32. Dispo sur Skype vers 18h30 pour une opé, c'est quand vous voulez pour moi

  33. Wish we could get a TERA 2 on PC. Instead we’re getting Elyon…

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