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Tera Online How to set quest markers

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This video guide shows you how to setup your quest markers with the quest systems o you can see your objectives.

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  1. Need help with a request and resetting the Vanguard missions I can't seem to find the right Says to go to instant queue and find a Loki one but it's not there

  2. Is the beta open ? If so where can I download ? 🙂

  3. @HerrLlama if you preorder on their site or with gamestop you get a beta code to play on the weekends. Open beta will be mid april

  4. @TDKPyrostasis Thanks. 🙂 You should also take a look at Fallen Earth, I'm just about to start it, it looks good for a free to play mmo.

  5. @HerrLlama Played it back when it originally released. Nice game for an indy group for sure.

  6. How do you remove a location link? Like, if you don't want the yellow dots to show up on the map any more.

  7. Thanks man! helped me out alot. my lvling speed just increased by like 300% :3

  8. Thanks man!))) I found it)))

  9. How u gain ur personal house on there I been looking for it

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