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Tera Online How to move the fixed camera position

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This video guide will show you how to move the fixed camera position either left, right, or up. This can be a huge help for larger character models or for folks who need a large panoramic for larger fights.

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  1. And how do u reset it back? Cuz now is no cetred

  2. Snagged that yellow bad boy for 10g off the AH. Gotta love auto pricing!

  3. This is awesome, Pyrostasis! Never would have known without this.

    Love your videos, keep up the great work!

  4. I don't get why people don't just tell us how to do it at the start of the video. I had to skip all the way to the end just to get the key info, and he didn't even show the keybind in options

  5. it 90 seconds long… and I tell you the keybind.

  6. If you move the camera all the way to the right, then move it three times to the left, you can have your character in the center of the screen. I find it preferable for melee.

  7. Thanks Pockergb! i tried to move the camera all the way to the right, then tried to move back to a raletively centred position, it wasnt exactly in the centre but much better than the off-centred position. Helps a lot!

  8. The guy makes a video to teach you how to do something cool and you complain because you "had" to wait one minute? Damn, you must have a busy life. What are you doing playing Tera then? And watching this video?

    I'll ask my own question: Why do people who just want quick "tutorials" still look for them on youtube? Just use google and find a text based one. It's not hard. And you can just scroll to the part you want.

    Just don't complain when people actually take the time to try and help others.

  9. Yep if 90 seconds is "to long" there isnt much to do lol =)

  10. How do I reset it back to the original default position? 🙁

  11. You're freaking long winded dude, people wouldn't view the video if they didn't already have the question in mind. What they need is the damn answer which you only say after a whole god damn minute.

  12. Wow 60 seconds. Damn… I am soo sorry. I'll make sure to label the video "Only for people who dont have the attention span of a rodent" in the future.

  13. how do you revert back to the default camera? my camera is fucked up now

  14. and how i can reset default setting of camera after this shit+arrow key camera movement ? 🙂 thank you for help 🙂

  15. changing camera speed in options determines how far the camera shifts. (as well as the game movement). but you can finetune it and then change back to your normal play-setting.

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