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TERA Online – How to make a guild and guild emblem

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Mike takes a short look at the guild system in the upcoming MMORPG Tera online , thanks to and for helping me make the guild and here is a link to the political system video i promised in the video =)


  1. HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL can you get the image to be 64×64 exactly I have tried and tried and tried and fucking tried, and it's ALWAYS 64×50 and when I have tried to edit the 50 value even by itself it fucks up the top number and I am beginning to be seriously pissed off =/

  2. you havent showed how to make emblem ur title says u will

  3. you probably have the "Maintain aspect ratio" box checked just under the dimensions. uncheck that box and you should be able to change both numbers

  4. 30 silver now. for some odd reason my .bmps are a rainbow with img: superimposed over it. have yet to figure out how to fix it

  5. i have done what it says i did what you did and yet i have no emblem showing in the guild emblem npc

  6. For me, I had to relog before it showed up. Try it and gl

  7. ty so much 3000 gold though is a bit much lol

  8. 30 silver. 3,000g was the original currency

  9. S1game isnt in client infact client file is almost empty

  10. I click apply to the name, and it does nothing….


  12. Thanks for showing properly how to apply the guild emblem.

  13. I cent See in Tera That Logo What I put in

  14. OMG i did it 😀 im ganna salve all your problems and Question 1 thing u need to do is  fin the tera folder [if u cant see the folder] go to computer loco disk (C:) <-''ma or ma not have (C:)that it doesent mater '' go to the Search bar on the uper right n search tera tera folder name is [TERA C:ProgramDtatHappyCloudCache] the folder sould be at the top clike it do what he says in the vedio n yes u can change your ebelim affter words

  15. I have windows 8 and i still can't find the tera file folder

  16. sometimes the picture doesnt work and when that hapens u need put it in microsoft paint and save it as a bmp folder and put it in the folder and it works

  17. tera doesn't even show up in my program x86 files. What should I do?

  18. I pasted my photo in 64×64,but it didnt register.

  19. Para quem tem o Happy Cloud deve ir em Disco Local C e ir no menu Ferramentas>> Opções de Pasta>> Modo de Exibição e marcar mostrar arquivos, pastas e unidades ocultas.

    Após isso ir em: C:ProgramDataHappyCloudCacheTERAClientS1GameGuildLogoUpload
    For those who have the Happy Cloud should go on Local Disk C and go on the Tools menu >> Folder Options >> View and mark show files, folders and hidden units.

    After that go:

    Sorry my english XD

  20. Personally I'm not gonna subscribe but I do find your video quality pretty good as well as your commentary. You do deserve more subs.

  21. For those who have this on steam, the TERA file wont be in x86 itself, u will have to do : x86, steam, steamapps, common, then TERA

  22. @Jess Pierce THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO HARD RIGHT NOW!! >_< i couldnt figure it out so ty!!!! ((btw after doing those steps you also have to click on client, S1 game and then the guildemblem upload file is there in case others dont know… ^_^

  23. When i put my tera emblem and i go back to the game it show the emblem like a gay flag its like it didnt load

  24. i followed the steps but all i get is a rainbow logo and wont let me set as logo can you help?

  25. the photo won't show up in my guild logo upload folder

  26. Não consigo criar um logo para minha guild Brazill do tera online

  27. I did all the steps, but when I go to select the emblem nothing shows up. What should I do?

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