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Tera Online How to level your guild

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This video will show you how to level your guild up, what quests are needed, and where to turn them in.

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  1. do a ps4 one.. we dont gots that baord thing

  2. I am so glad i am awesome and full of info – Erin

  3. If you get your guild to level 4 you get private vendors for the guild apparently

  4. Nice. Should be nocking that out next week during release

  5. Pyro can u put up more grimrock, I prefer that to tera

  6. Thank you mate just made a guild and was thinking how to do it great vid

  7. Are there guild quests that can be done at Lv60?

  8. Quests are repeatable too so you can do them over and over at lvl 60

  9. Hey man, were you speaking away from the recorder or is your sound just low? I'm not being rude when I ask this its a serious question. I had to up my volume to hear you.

  10. PLEASE someone respond, I am told that the guild level will be reset every 1-2 weeks? Is this true, and if so, why would I wanna level up?

  11. Need to ask where are these quest boards locations?

  12. I wish we still have this guild mission board with the new guild leveling system..

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