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TERA Online – How to Level UP Faster ( Power leveling ? )

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  1. we also rip in ssnm before it was nerfed… and also after it was nerfed… rad ask pantelis


  2. I would recommend a slayer or zerker for plvling in the future :^) I do 1-20 in 5-7 minutes most of the time, Also knowing the front and back cuts down on a lot of time as well.

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  4. Isn't it better to just keep farming the bams to level up though like that? 10minutes to hit 20, should be faster just to continue farming right? Or where do you go from there?

    Used to play tera myself but haven't in a loong time so don't know where to go from that point if I were to level a new character and get someone to boost me to 20 like that, like what do I do from there?

  5. what about after lvl 22 to 23? where to go from there?

  6. "Okay so to do this method you are going to need a friend tha-"


  7. Does this still work and can anyone assist me with doing this?

  8. You NEED a friend….But..but.. what if…what if i don't have any and my life is miserable like VM farming?

  9. i need to wait 2 months to play this i hope i see u after 2 months goush

  10. Could u power level me? im newbie player in tera 🙂 ^^ btw nice videos gj bro !


  12. new fastest method: Hit 20, and then only dungeons!

  13. Hey, can you please tell me the name of the song that starts around 7:10?

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