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TERA Online: How to get the FREE Black Leopard/Panther Mount

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Permanent, 275 speed and FREE for Level 60+ players. Also known as the Black Panther.

The Black Leopard mount is earned through Reputation, which is available during endgame. You need to earn reputation from green daily quests so you are at least ‘Friendly’ status with the first 5 factions in your character profile. This allows you to buy the materials needed for the mount.

If you don’t see green quests yet, level up your reputations until they are green colored (wavering status) to unlock the introductory quest to speak to someone in that town. If your reputation is red colored (suspicious or apprehensive status), you can complete yellow quests around camps in that town to gain reputation points until your status becomes ‘wavering’.

The factions you will want ‘Friendly’ status are:
– Invalesco, in Pathfinder Post (Val Tirkai)
– Shariar, in Zulfikar Fortress (Helkan District)
– Valsekyr Hunt, in Kanstria (Val Kaeli)
– Hyderad Legacy, in Bastion (Veritas District)
– Hands of Velika, in Velika

Although, this takes a long time to do. It took me 8 days with Elite status and over 3 weeks without. It’s up to you if you think the Black Leopard is worth it.


  1. Nice man, was looking for something like this to see is there a faster mount to grind for or reasonable gold price. 
    So actually Tera is completely free to play without any microtransactions that can ruin game exp.

  2. Can u still earn this mount ? cause they changed some things around with the patch 😀 either way awesome video!

  3. Can u get dino mount even your lvl 40? Nice video man thx for sharing 😉

  4. @machino2011 Yes the dino mount can be earned at any level, while the black leopard mount is only for level 60+ players.

  5. does it really have to be that much of credits, how long till u can have that much credit?

  6. Subbed for that entire video being worth watching. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the guide. I just starting to find the way to get Leopard

  8. where can i hunt credit in valsekyr credit? any good spot?

  9. With Tera club/ Elite  how long its take ?

  10. @Dakotacs  man how to farm Credits in Val Tirkai ?

  11. this look kinda of cool to have this mount. i will give it a try.

  12. This is really great. I can't wait to run around like a mad Elin to get that neat Mount. It's better than the generic horses you get at first, or even at lvl 60 with the quests.

  13. Amm, if i get it with one character can i send it to other or it soulbindings instantly to the character u got the panther?

  14. and as the credits are earned for each faction ?

  15. Does anyone know if this is still available right now ?

  16. It is not avaible anymore? 😯 Please no. I wanted it so baldy!

  17. What program did you use to record your gameplay?

  18. How do I get a better reputation with these guys, I want that mount

  19. Is this mount still available to get or is it an event b/c I picked up the quests and went to the places to get the items but I dont actually know how to get the credits?

  20. how do u get those credits… cuz i have zero and im in level 62 lol

  21. спасибо за подробный гайд

  22. im a newbie in tera, i just started a month ago, im 65 now and i wanted to have a mount like this, to cut it short, i have all my green quests on, my problem is, i can only do 10 dailies per day, so my concern would be, is there any way or method to make my dailies more than 10? im not elite member though. plz response Godbless!

  23. How i can get credits? like invalesco, shariar, valsekyr hunt, hyderad legacy, how i can get them?

  24. how to get hands of velika reputations ?I only have allamenthia and invalesco daily reputation quests ?how to get the other reputaion quests?

  25. Does it matter which dailies i do? I usually do the lod daily quests. Do they count towards these? Or which daily quests are meant?

  26. I know it's late but thank you for making this guide. It was very helpful.

  27. Thx cant u say this before i start the quest? -_- that u need the 1500 shit now i exepted this quests thx :S

  28. I will say that I have a complete biased against Elin but yours is completely adorable!!! Omg you're so cute!!!

  29. Whats the fastest and coolest mount you can get for free?

  30. Is this for ps4 as well? because I'm unable to find invalesco

  31. I cried at the slow motion moments it was so sad

  32. Unfortunately that leopard is terribly made. It doesnt look like a leopard at all. But looks ok. Still i prefer the sparky.

  33. It doesnt look like leopaed, most like female lion painted in black color

  34. free or rewards stuff comes with a catch, like it lasts for 5-7 days or something like that, I don't use it, what's the point, also most of items from shops usually need to be bought with real money or to buy EMP with real money from the tikat store and some of us can't afford it, makes me kind of sad seeing players wasting there real money buying novelties and running around in silly costumes that lasts for 6-7 days, I'm I the only one that thinks this.

  35. I enjoy playing but when I get rewards from a quest or a parcel that has a mount or a flying mount for 7 days, I would not use it, why, cos its pointless and killing bam's from lv 20 to 45 and getting the same level of weapon and Armor time and time again make me want to pack this game in, the bam's are getting tougher to fight and without a stronger weapon and Armor drop to help, it take even far longer to take down one bam.

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