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TERA Online – How to get a mount

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How to get a mount in Tera online
Mike takes a look at mounts in the upcoming MMO Tera online
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  1. I never gotten that quest I might have to start all over:(

  2. how you get the game? and dose it cost money or do i need to download? . . . and first COMMENT!!!!

  3. can u tell me i get there but i dont have a quest from him an i am 13 lvl

  4. you get the quest from a person in the tainted gorge once you have the quest to find the person you talk to him and now with the patch once you talk to him you dont have to go to the farm you just talk to a person in town and you get the horse

  5. I love this type of "How To". They are very useful for beginners (*noobs ^.^ ).
    Ahh if I had the time I'd returned to TERA.

  6. this quest has been deleted.. now you have a quest at lv11 to go to velika

  7. Actully it's free 😉 you can download it 😀

  8. I got the quest… but instead of getting a mount… I got armor and a weapon.. <<

  9. To all that quest is Getting in Island of Dawn and he called Saddle Up so 1st get it and then make it in Velika!

  10. mee too dude and now i see guys with mounts likt wth

  11. if you think you didnt get the quest go to skills and riding skills it should appear their i thought the same thing.

  12. Hmm, maybe there is a new patch because I remember getting the mount from another town possibly lumbertown i think. But my friend is having trouble getting a mount and he is lvl 15, it is not in his skills, not in quests, and not in his inventory.

  13. I went there but there was not anybody! Why?

  14. It doesnt work for me:( the skill just dissapeared arteriesklerose got it

  15. Oh, thanks xD
    I'm level 12 and wondered how people got mounts xD do you have to buy other ones like tigers, other mistical mounts?

  16. Who else is here cause their mount disappeared?

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  18. im here because i want to know how to get a wolf or a lion or anything else iam sick of riding this horse

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