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Tera Online How to customize your User Interface!

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This video has Dr.Waddy walking you through step by step to change your sizes, positions, lock and unlock, and add hotbars!

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  1. This UI does not look anything like what I have today.

  2. Pyro what server are you all playing on? Also are you still recruiting members in your guild? Thanks for all the vids!

  3. Basilisk Crag. We are currently recruiting. Only requirements are must be willing to use Teamspeak3 for voice coms.

  4. dude what screen size are you playing on. mine seems cramped and im on a 21inch monitor.

  5. why do your game look like crap? you turn down the options for the recording?

  6. he lowered his settings as he likes a very high framerate

  7. the game looks like crap this way though..

  8. agreed, but on a video covering how to move your UI the game graphics arent really the high light of the video. If graphics are you concern check out some of the other clips

  9. Yeah these were before my new mic. Thankfully the issue has been fixed now.

  10. Thanks for the tip! I recently installed and tried Tera and quit before i even finished the first quest due to the HORRIBLE UI. Now do you know a way to fix the fake fullscreen mode? Whenever i move my curser to the left side of my screen i can click off the game and it minimizes which is a game killer along with the cluttered oversized shitty UI.

  11. The UI is such a mess, prob one of the most horrible I've had the displeasure of experiencing.

  12. is there no way to add just 1 bar row?`Or can i only add a double one. Kinda feel like you cant do it anyway yo want here. i want 3 bars on top of each other. 4 is to ,much

  13. I wish my ui was that neat! my options bar takes the whole screen width!!!!!!!

  14. i can't bind some keys that are used for other stuff

  15. When you were casting I didn't see a cast bar popping up, so I am curious what you did with it. You state that everything can be moved around UI wise, but I can't seem to be able to move my cast/professions bar.

  16. for the lot of god thanks for the chat info lol

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