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Tera Online How to Craft Materials and Weapon

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steps inorder to craft
1. buy design
2. learn it
3. buy materials
4. craft ! and done

IGN – Visiion
Guild Acropolis – Recruiting

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  1. I'm trying to craft ingots for the Galborne ingot quest… everything I try to click and learn says level 65 required. WTF? How do I craft if I'm not level 65?

    finaly someone just say!!! what i need to do to rais craft level… guides just take shit load of words and squeeze it into my ears filling my brain with shit i dont even need to know… just wanted to know what you simply beautifuly said! so thank, youuu!

  3. calm down, its a warrior, if you know what i mean XP

  4. Best example of a shit guide, sorry dude :¬/

  5. Dude, what did what graphic preset did you place. It looks so bad. The guide should really cover up all of the professions.

  6. so did anyone understand how to craft in this how to craft video O_o

  7. holy shyt lol your computer is bad! hahaha..

  8. Not everyone has a amazing computer or laptop guys fk sack leave the guy alone o.e…

  9. po mano, parabens, gostei da tuto, explico melhor q a quest do game, valew mesmo ^^

  10. Hey dude thanks, ignore these comments, you helped me a lot

  11. Wow your attitude and way of speaking pisses me off so much

  12. Miss that version of tera, stamina was a good system.

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