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Tera Online High Level Field Boss Shasharak

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You will be farming this field boss a lot when you are 50. I was playing a bit safe since we didn’t have a healer in the party. It’s right next to another quest boss monster so we had to hug corners the whole fight.

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  1. but dude.. there's no fun in playing a game if you can just get anything you want. You should try guild wars2 out when it's released, I don't think you have to pay for that, and it's suppose to be as good as Tera.

  2. Did you ever find out the respawn time on this boss?

  3. This boss seems like he's always in rage mode xD probably pissed off because he's being played with lol

  4. how are the controls on the game i see u do use your mouse like in vindictus(which i didnt like that game) and u have skills u can use so i was wondering how movement and controls are?

  5. @Pooternackle5 Because they don't have rabbit people in WoW…

    Just stfu, ok.

  6. @GrimmjowJaggerjack2 I estimate the typical price of 15$ a month, However i would pay up to 20$ for something like this 🙂

  7. This look like another Korean tank and spank boss fight to me what do you guys thing?

  8. i think i will play this game for month and then go to private server what u think???

  9. @OblivianGroudon there is a targeting system. u can see the crosshairs for this player, its a bit small though

  10. @andrei9669 I think that you fail as a gamer. Private servers are pathetic.

  11. @TheOneChriss no offence but u fail as reader cus i said I THINK and btw i commented 5 months ago and i havent played it yet and im not going to.

  12. @TheOneChriss 1st WOW tht was fast reply
    2nd (i dont think, i do)but rly i start playing private servers after lvl 70 but if its hard lvling after 25-30

  13. @cabalpb
    i play this beta and yea thats right this game is so fucking boring at level 50 the instantz are only tank and spank

  14. Why? Some ppl don't have the money for monthly sub. Paying to play a game you already bought monthly is also pathetic.

  15. Surely it's more pathetic if you can't afford it.

    I'd be happy if it was F2P, but the game is solid. A sub is £10 a month, barely anything really considering the amount of playtime there is to invest in the game.

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