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Tera Online – Gunner Guide

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This video provides an overview on each skill of the Gunner Kit!
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  1. anyone else notice the way how the female High Elf moves with the gun/cannon

  2. Dunno with them, but does the Castanic gunner looks and runs more faster than High Elf gunner? The animations are fast and fluid, not like my gunner, my high elf gunner runs very slowly. If Castanic is faster, then I'll pick it. The only reason I stayed with elf is because of the gun's design, otherwise, the castanic stays with their gothic and steampunk-y design.

    When I look at the base class stats, I don't find the gunner's base speed and the reapers' too. So If anyone knows the base speed, please tell me.

  3. Is not guide but tutorial most , but thx for the infos !

  4. you forgot lancers can giga from HB and the sentry gun

  5. You got any advice on how a melee class should deal with a gunner ? I never seem to be able to catch a really good gunner in pvp, and when I catch them I only get 1-2 hits on them.

  6. This is a really good video, I really appreciate the thorough description of moves that combo with others. However, your voice is really quiet in comparison to most videos. You on 100% volume is equivalent to 20% on other videos. I don't want to end on a bad note though, so; continue with these, you do them really well and I would like to watch more some time. 🙂

  7. Is this even necessary? The class is by far one of the easiest to play. Natural damage reduction that's higher than Lancer's, healing minion, reload on dodge; it's a really easy class to play . _ .

  8. how did you get he get the ui to look like it did about a minute into the video?
    sorry, im new to tera

  9. Gunner guide is the easiest to write. 1) Point gun and shoot. Stuff dies. 2) Don't pull aggro off tank.

    Love this class. Makes a nice face roll stress reliever. Crazy easy though. I'm pulling 2-3 BAMs at a time in my 30's right now.

  10. Hey flow,

    I believe you said that you would be maining the gunner alongside your slayer. Do you project a bright future for gunner pvp in light of upcoming changes (and nerfs). Additionally, if you had to rate the gunners pvp potential and ability, what would you give it out of a ten (ten being the highest) as compared to the other classes?

  11. Unlike others on here that do not appreciate your "guide", I found out some things that I didn't know before. So this "guide" did help.

  12. I thought it was a sarcastic video. Now I'm sad.

  13. only started playing tera 3 days ago and chose the gunner class…now lvl 28 and glad that i chose this class

  14. What costume is that? The black one with TERA on the right chest area.

  15. I got to level 40 with a gunner without even knowing what glyphs were (the manual is for yellahbellys).  I'm new to MMOs and got that far….I stopped playing and switched to archer because I wasn't going to max my very first serious MMO character through BS.  Granted, if you don't care (after my first maxed out character, I won't), this class is excellent.  I actually had a blast rounding up large amounts of enemies and taking them all down myself.

  16. +Flowroro how can i beat a gunner with my Zerker, if you know can you tell me? If not then its fine

  17. Well even if it is or is not a Guide i am liking what i see good job at showing of dat bad ass Gunner me likey a hole lot LOL:)

  18. Great id man thanks just what i was looking for!!! 😀 😀

  19. How did you get that crosshair? Mine doesn't seem to be all awesome like yours, its just the puny default one 🙁

  20. This was a really fun video. I didn't think much of this class until you rolled out H.B and the other bot(s). Love it, love everything about the little tin bastard.

  21. Was deciding what class I wanted to play next with some friends who are just starting out and this video taught me exactly what I wanted to know! Thank you for this! Well done 🙂

  22. Wow, this class is op. So you've got mid range dps, like archer and sorcerer. You're also extremely mobile, making you harder to kill. But than you also have HEAVY ARMOR. This makes you good at tanking, and support. So its pretty much designed for noobs who want to complete the tutorial 2 times faster. Also, the skills are just downright inproportional to the other classes. I mean, a robot that heals you and can shoot bombs! a sentry gun! I mean, come on at least give the other classes cool skills like that. Therthermore, only the gunner can charge up willpower to unleash it in a huge bang.
    Also, theres a race lock AND a gender lock. You can only be a high elf or castanic female. First the reaper, than the gunner, and now the brawler. All female only. Its like the game is trying to attract new players with oversexualized classes. I mean honestly, how are panties and a bra considered heavy armor. I rest my case.

  23. welp ive been playing this class and this game for about a week and thought i wasnt too bad. turns out im playing completely wrong =.=

  24. so what is your starting rotation against groups of mobs or against a single boss?

  25. Great guide! are there any combos in PvE tho? i juz started playing a few days ago

  26. You just read out the skills, not much of a guide but thanks anyways

  27. good video dude. exactly how demonstration videos need to be done. thank you.

  28. 안녕하세요~ 혹시 한국어 하실수 있나요? ㅎㅎ

  29. Did you just say you can leap off sky castles?
    Guys, I found my new main.

  30. What is with Gender and race locked classes? Fuck all that

  31. It looked like you reskinned your HB Unit. 🙄

  32. This shows absolutely nothing useful. A guide shows how to build the character, what stats are essential, what rolls are needed on gear to be effective, and so forth. If we come to this video, obviously we already play the gunner but something went wrong and we decided we needed to see a guide to figure out what we are doing wrong. If we need to see the skills, we can just check them ourselves.

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