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Tera Online Guide How to get a Mount English

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Tera Online Guide How to get a Mount English

Just a quick video to help some players on the forum asking about how to get a mount in Tera Online. This footage was taken during the Sneak Peek event.


  1. SPOT THE MALE CHAR, you get $10 from sheephead himself!

  2. Nice, is this game seamless?, or is there loading screens in each area.

  3. @lebaz101 Yep, the game is pretty much loading screen free apart from when you zone in to a dungeon or when you switch channel, however the loading screens last about 1.5 seconds max so you barely notice them.

  4. @SheepheadCG Awesome!, thats sold it for me…

  5. loads of ppl going around to pick up the quest items ( flowers) during the 1st weekend play test,it took me almost 30 mins..but was all worth it.

  6. @eleonoras1 Haha yeh, when we did it the second time it took a while, we ended up just spawn camping one flower 😛

  7. How 'fast' is the mount speed over normal walking/running? Is it a permanent mount?

  8. @firehawk22 I couldn't actually find how fast this mount is, but i'd say 40% or 60% faster. This is the first mount in the game and I believe you can upgrade your riding skill to a faster on at a higher level.

  9. Now you dont even have to do that — you just get a quest at lvl 11 in Velika and you goto the alley and pick up your mount from the warhorse vendor.

  10. Yeh man your right 🙁 This video kinda out dated now sadly 🙁

  11. Yeh man 🙁 they changed it. Now you just get the mount after doing all the quests in Velika 🙂

  12. Is sleipnir or nightmare a better looking mount?

  13. I prefer if mounts would only be Horses. much better to see a Hordes of Horses than a Bunch of Pandas and Lions.

  14. How to get the quest? I've been searching it but the place you get it for me is like a desert, only horses, no people in there.. 🙁

  15. You must do all the quests in Velkia or only some of them?

  16. I like the changes in your layout of your interface you made.

    I might just have to copy you 😀

  17. @Cyramin. it is like that for me as well i don't know what to do:(

  18. I completed the quest, I gained the skill but the horse not appeared, and i lost the Riding Skill, stood at zero. 🙁

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