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Tera Online Grinding Crabbies Level 51-54 Fast Exp

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This video was created when Tera first came out in South KOREA pretty sure EXP rates changed by now.


  1. can you have more then one char at a time like muliple chars
    as in ur main then alts and stuff or can you only have one and pay to change it?

  2. I know it's been said before, and a lot of people disagree, but every time I see this game I think of Monster Hunter… it's not a bad thing at all.

  3. does this game actually require skills and tactics like monster hunter or do you just attack and defend

  4. Tsss…
    It looks like Monster Hunter Freedom…
    I will be awesome to have it… But i dont know the european release…

  5. @Azatis I have a feeling you already found out, but just in case you do not know:

    Yes, there is a Subscription Fee ( I believe it is about $13 or $15 bucks a month, just like WoW ) BUT… If you order the game before Launch and pay for a subscription, it's only $8 a month, which is a very good deal for a game like this.

  6. @SirRajaxx How long does the $8 a month last after you pre-order?

  7. @TheVindictusFive It is only $8 a month until the game launches. Once it's officially out, it will be the same as a WoW Subscription, so about $13 – $15 a month.

    Therefore, if you definitely want to play Tera now, you're better off pre-ordering it and getting a year long subscription for $8 a month.

  8. Guild wars 2 is going to be F2P!! So if your looking for an awesome mmorpg that's free then check it out.

  9. with the initial cost of the box which is $59.99 USD.

  10. Tera looks awesome, but the problem is that it looks like another grindfest to lvl like WoW. Guild wars 2 is different, cause it takes dynamic events in towns to get exp and it has over 2000 different dynamic events. You can compare the dynamic events in way to rift. It's a nice peaceful time then all of a sudden the town catches fire or gets ambushed. Nice way to keep you on your toes and keeps it interesting!

  11. Nice character look xP lol i really wish i could play this game but its going to be a buy to play and subscription :

  12. Actually, you can wait for May 1st, the release date, to just do the$15 a month instead of paying 50 dollars for just a white horse and rings. You get a horse at level 11. I just suggest you wait for May 1st and pay the $15. It's a fun game if your into this fantasy stuff:) Well worth it in my eyes.

  13. No see i wont be able to get it on may 1st lol but even if i could i cant pay the $15 a month because im 16 and my mom doesnt support me at all in what i like to do.

  14. Man that's too bad. I'm also a 'youngling' as my dad's friends like to call me. I'm turning 15 this month. I babysit and do any job I can for my things. My mom doesn't enjoy my gaming either…It sucks but for my own personal enjoyment I do it. XD

  15. Lol well im hoping to get a job so i might be able to play after all 😀

  16. @BeholdTruthsSecretTV thats good playing with someone your own age is fun…lol that sounded xraapy sorry. i play with a lot of 30+ guys and women 😛 anyways this game is weeeeeell worth it.

  17. Would you mind sharing your setup for this? I'm assuming that the armour crystals are either 4 of the reduce X% damage taken while below 50% or reduce X% damage taken from bosses?

    Does your weapon have attack speed on it? Seems to.

    Also, are you fully glyphed for solo/pve? No aggro stuff? Really impressed!

  18. @MrIndysniper mind getting your facts straight fanboy.tera is not a grind

  19. Hey Steparu, where did the Armor/Lance you're using in this video come from? It looks really nice.

  20. word of advice: "free" to play games,costs more than pay2play games.really! try it yourself, you have to pay for cash items all the times thats if you want to be unbeatable, am not saying 10-20$ , no it is usually 300-400$..well play "free" to play games and you will understand what i mean..you are probably gonna throw it in 2 months max..

  21. Sorry that I have to say that I also like this point about GW2, but I don't say I dislike Tera Online. I think it's a verry interesting game and I really want to try it. The only thing that holds me back is the P2P… The main reason that does allow me to try GW2.

  22. tera online is going to be free in a week time, also they gave out free 1 week trial.. so basicly its free now o.O, you can download it now too

  23. Tomorrow this game will be FINALLY FREE2PLAY. FUCK YEAH 😀

  24. Not when it comes to tera, u only have to pay for stuff that is not necessary like extra character slots and such things that u don't need to have but could be fun if u want to play on more than 2 characters on the same server.

  25. Steparu! What lance is that? It looks amazing.

  26. I know it's free to play now. But it seems this game is fked up if you don't have a veteran package, which I want to score from anyone whom has it, then it would be more like Buy to play. I don't want this much restrictions on such a game. Gameforge should be selling veteran packages.

  27. Its F2P now with a cash shop : )

  28. is this game based on grinding or quest? for lvling

  29. Tera Online leveling mostly consists of doing quests for leveling. However from levels 45-55ish is just happens to be a lot faster to grind certain mobs.

  30. Although amusing this tactic is no where near an efficient way to level at 52-56.. you are much better off farming dragoons, or even questing in the higher level area!

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