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Tera Online Gameplay Large Battles

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  1. @MrTechnova Listen, sweety. Please, listen. I'm not a troll or a mean person or anything like that. Here's what you do: think of A N Y T H I N G that costs $0.5, 5 cents, each day. Rather it be gum, which normally cost $.25-$.50, or dropping a nickel on the floor without thinking of it. Now, think of that burger you bought a today, a week, a month ago. How much did it cost? $3, $5 plus tax? Now, would you rather spend 5 cents a day for an MMO or spend $15 in 2 days on junk food?

  2. Wow, TERA has made such great strides looking at this video! 2 years it's been already! Such advancements! 😀

  3. @shinhiryuu You never R E A D much about it, have you? o_O… There is alot of hit detections… Why do you think the Lancers in one video surrounded the squishy sorcerers and priests in this video?

    Your looking at footage from 2 years ago! The game was in Alpha then! The first time it's been seen in action!

  4. @ASHL0TTE I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying…have you ever played a game where it was an action based game and you play against other people and when you on your end clearly hit where they are, but they lagged or had a bad net connection, and they suddenly warp or they keep going unhurt because their lag caused your hit detection to not go off? I'm a supporter of this game, I'm just talking about possible problems.

  5. @BakedPotato1337 yes men with SWORDS TWICE THEIR SIZE :OOOOOOO

  6. will it be available to play on pad in this game ?

  7. @shinhiryuu Oh, I get it now! I like eggs! 😀

  8. @VladiSSius Uhhh its still in the beta phase for korea, the estimated release for US is late this summer

  9. @RightsOfDeath Believe me .. I think about that every day

  10. @113Camper
    youre an idiot, its a korean game obviously hes talking in korean

  11. omgoodness, fucking subscirption fee. Im gonna play guild wars 2. fuck this game.

  12. fuck P2P games….Just fuck them …why must i pay monthly for a game to play it ? what if dont have a money in a given month? Item mall system in F2p games is much better …it gives people much more choice ….u pay u get better options and stuff..u dont pay you can still play the game untill u get money so u can pimp urself a bit…

  13. @FallenDespair RF Online did that, but then the company gets greedy, and makes overpowered items really expensive, and then the game gets ruined. P2P is more stable

  14. im surprised tera is open to the market after fucking over lineage 3 source code fuck this game

  15. just wait for C9(continent of the ninth) its free and global.
    for more info visit webzen website.

  16. @SuperBlakEE
    it was but now its in development in webzen.

  17. @FallenDespair or you could get a fucking job! good mmos take alot of maintaining stop crying that you have to pay for something to play it and personaly the whole buying items to "pimp yourself out" is the most unskillfull noobish thing you can do and games that allow / suport it are fucking retarded so i prefer the pay monthly system <3 also it makes developers want to make new content to keep people interested

  18. @FallenDespair Actually I understand the pros and cons of both p2p and f2p.
    P2p mmos you pay just $15 a month not expensive, and all content is availbe and no pay2win, the problem is that most of us can't play it everyday or long so that money become slightly wasted because you're not getting a month worth of gameplay.
    F2p games you can play without paying and quit anytime but have to deal with resrictions and pay2win thing going on and overpriced cashshops costing more than a p2p mmo

  19. @MrTechnova People who think that mmo's are about winning are so wrong ive played many mmo's till i reached the lv cap and to be honest the most times i enjoyed the game is when i was a noob , because once u reach lv cap and get all the fancy items , spend a whole lots of irl cash you would find that there is nothing else to do and that youv'e wasted all your money and end up quitting the game , so its about the adventure itself not the end of it.

  20. @FallenDespair Thats true but pvp is the most interesting thing in mmos today because they don't focus to much on pve which they should focus more on, better story, quest, enemy AI, dungeons, which I hope Tera online with introduce and not make it pvp heavy, How can I enjoy a game if people keep killing me while I grind exp or doing quests and their nothing I can do because they have the best max enhanced gear and weapons.

  21. are there already f2p games with a battle system like this out there?
    except DDO and rakion?

  22. @MrTechnova yeah i agree that mmos should focus on Pve more these days since pvp has been enchanced in most agmes these days with pve still the same . and pvevp wich is player vs enviroment vs player sucks at times since u could be just grinding , minding your own business then an over powered noob with maxed lvs and powerful items comes and kills u in one hit :D.

  23. @Pierzchal91
    vindictus is not C9!
    mabinogi heroes was developed in korea and when it released to US and EU they changed its name to vindictus.
    C9 is entirly different game even better with more class choices.
    plus in vindictus its mostly dungeons and in C9 its grind and dungeons
    and i cant play vindictus cuz its for USA and EU and i am middle eastern.
    have a good day 🙂

  24. @Pierzchal91
    unfortunatly the is IP block on it game so players outside cant enter the game
    i can use proxy but its too much work and its jsut not worth it =
    its ok ill wait for C9

  25. Is it possible they will shut down tera since they stole linage 3s code?

  26. use zie AOE then pwn some in melle the use zie AOE again 😀
    energy balls remind me of diablo 2 necromanser 😀
    dont get me wrong i like the concept

  27. @PartySpyro101 According to what i read they used the same technology as of lineage 3's, because the Tera developers are the same.
    Source – mmocrunch, article: "tera developers condemned for plagiarizing lineage 3"

  28. @badger580 Hey! :D! that's how you were constructed too ^_^

  29. @arth89 yeah im sorry, you'd need to have one for that to even happen

  30. game is going to need a pc as sexy as tera's female avatars to play it at a decent frame rate.

  31. @Bradgilliswhammyman Not really, minimum requirements are very flexible, now if you wanna play on max settings with max framerate well… lol

  32. Sad, but true – the developers will always require money to keep patching and updating the games througout their course. In the end you always end up paying to play a good game, and if not,then the game probably isn't very good anyhow.

  33. F2P is perfectly stable if done right. Just look at GW2. You can not buy anything that can give your character an advantage over anyone.

  34. If you don't have the money you don't play it. You beeing poor doesn't make the game bad.

  35. F2P game is more prophitable compare to P2P. You can't just look into your own opinion, cause you think it's more stable and you can affort it. You have to look into their side, the game company side, if you are the developer im pretty sure you want gain profit. Not all F2P game have OP items from cash shop.. If you think P2P is better, does that mean you(any of u) 1 of the OP player that buy cash shop? If not, mean you(any of u) are just bad at gaming. ;x (sry for bad eng)

  36. NO way! that warrior is only using one sword instead of two and it can cast magic what happen to this class can someone tell me!!!!!

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