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Tera online gamePlay – elin Sorcerer 3

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  1. LOL!!! What A Fucking Loser!!Couldn't Even Kill You While you Were Being Attacked.I Hope All His Friends Were Watching!

  2. It's a npc attacking her, dont know how you guys could have missed that. Just saying 😉

  3. @Nitzleplick Nitzleplick! It's me, Scarlette! :O I found you, kyu!

  4. Chibi-Fox vs Giant-Armored-Centaur…. Chibi-Fox WINS what an upset!
    Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new world champion!

  5. I think they need to fix the AI…a bit more

  6. Only getting hit three times, pretty good
    Playing with no UI, pro

  7. Great game play! I'd really like to play this game but my PC is way too weak.

  8. do you always play without UI?
    I'd like to play a class which u can play without the UI xd

  9. why mob s just stand and not walking around??? seem graphic ok but Ai just stupid?

  10. its will be wise if creator of this game make tail of that monster slashout for those(player) like attack from rear…

  11. Awesome, what glyphs/crystals are you using in this vid?

  12. this game looks too good to pass up, i played Beta, have not bought it yet… may have to get it today. Getting tired of WoW.

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