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Tera Online G★2009 Trailer Ultra HD

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  1. one woman's epic struggle to find some clothes.

  2. What bothers me the most about Tera is that it's a P2P in North America while F2P in Asia (if I am right). Seems unfair…

  3. Oh this trailer is amazing.
    In this game is there actually a small story behind the game?

  4. Honestly, this game can't come fast enough for me. And I'd also be glad to pay even more than $15 a month just to play it. Awesome trailer too. 😀

  5. Wow, that's like Unreal Engine or something better! o.o

  6. why must all the good games be made in Korea -_-

  7. oh wow, I REALLY wanna play this, hey does anyone know if there's a way for someone in america to play korean/japanese games I've had my eye on mabinogi heroes and tera for a while and was really hoping to play them. (without having to wait ?? number of year for them to become english)

  8. Errrgggg I wanna paly foreign games too.
    First i have to get a computer to handle it xD

  9. how can i play this game if my comp cannot run this video smoothly?

  10. 2:04 i saw like a crosshair from like fps's just curious is it going be like, u have to aim when u attack? cuz thated be sick

  11. damn so many hot games going on in korea 😮
    TRansLATE it PLZZZzzz lol

  12. Lineage3 will top this >: ) NC will get their revenge!

  13. FYI if you go to newegg(dot)com you can get a 500$ computer's than can run this 60fps max settings…heck go to wal-mart and the 500$ computer's their can run this game at 60fps max settings.

  14. …….woah O.O when you meant ultra HD you weren't kidding. That was……..wow. I can't wait for that to come out. That was some trailer lol

  15. This is the same company that made C9-_- this game with C9 will overtake WOW soon enough

  16. wow …. just wow I really don't know what to say, this trailer is amazing , the cities are HUGE!

  17. haha yeah. the trailer is so epic.. too bad theres only a few seconds of gameplay in this video so you can't really tell… i hope its not p2p like wow 🙁

  18. Just being an "non point-click rpg" deserves a look.. 😀
    But… 30 GB free HD space ?? oh my god =O

  19. @VineOkubara WoW takes 17gb now and it graphics aint that good 🙂

  20. Hope it isn't going to be, but like most Korean MMOs it's got fancy graphics with a pretty cool combat system that ends up being nothing but a grind and a bore fest.

  21. Amazing trailer in high def. Last time I saw it on MMORPG website 3-4 weeks ago.

  22. if you noticed, in the beginning, the castanic is in the same room as where she was at the end of the video. also, everyone was on the floor except her. i think maybe the beginning of the video is actually part of the end.

  23. so many ass … and then she gets rapped in the end.. epic trailer!!!

  24. 0:59
    I couldn't help but start grinning.
    Well…I'm still grinning.

  25. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg I MUST HAVE THIS GAME *_*

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