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TERA Online | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

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We have covered multiple MMORPG’s on the channel by now and most of them will still be around for many years to come. But for Tera Online, a personal favorite of mine, that will not be the case. I played the game back when it released and have picked it up now and again throughout the years. But of course in 2022 it was revealed that in June the game would shut down and the servers would close. But I wouldn’t be a Game Archivist, dare I say THE Game Archivist, if I did not archive this game amongst my videos. And so we go on a journey through the world of Tera one last time to give it it’s proper farewell. The game is still very beautiful with it’s art style and the gameplay and combat still feel excellent and can be considered amongst the best in the genre. The only thing with the game is that it can become very repetitive over the course of your leveling experience since you just do the same type of quests over and over again with the story never being that interesting. But still I have very fond memories of this game and will look back at it with positive thoughts.

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  1. I miss this game so much 😭 so many friends, so many memories, from back when it was good

  2. Perfect Gameplay. Really nice work. Well done and keep it up👍

  3. 11+ hours? 😳 Damn, that takes some dedication 😄

  4. Back in the day leveling was much different, good thing there are older videos on YouTube that captured that as well.

    Tera was better back then.

  5. i really miss this game, miss my fri, miss the views, miss everything.

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