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TERA Online: Freeing Kaidun Necromancer Tomb!

Stardust Leon
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Jarvanite – Death Patrol – Lancer
Akkelol – Sorcerer
Chaba – Priest aka Princess
DeathValley – Berserker


  1. I defeted everyone in their and got the trophy but the quest is still their :/

  2. managed this guy with lancer and archer lvl 47 was easy :-p

  3. I did this without acepting the ''quest'' inside. So i had to do it twice but i canj't matchmaking again

  4. first of all show us the location of necromancer tomb we are noobs 😛

  5. Tried solo this dungeon yesterday as Gunner. Died when fought Vedilith.

  6. Man, what a quest. i had to do the dungeon twice to beat mutated kaidun.

  7. I did this quest after i reach lvl 60 so i go alone but now after i kill the boss the quest is not done saying the same thing " free kaidum " is this a co-op quest ?

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