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Tera Online FPS Fix BossHPBar MOD

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UPDATE Oct-13-2015:
Since BHS did some changes to the UI files, it is not safe to use this mod anymore, I advise you to stop using this current version of the mod. Current patch seems to have all UI fixed.

As someone of you know, there is people having horrible framerate drops in Akeron, SF or another instances, and I saw a post of a guy who simply removed the file of the bosses’s hp bar, since this is not the best solution, I looked into things and came with a 2nd one, I noticed the hp bar has a lot of animations, and stuff going on so I just stripped all those fancy effects from it.

At least for me it proved a nice improvement (going from single digit fps on akeron 2nd boss to no less of 15).
****NOTE. In video FPS avarage goes from 15-25 cuz the software that i use consumes like 5-10 FPS while recording… My real avarage while testing this tweaks and mods goes around 20-35 FPS on boss fights, pretty smooth.****

so what this mod does is:
Remove all kind of “shake” effects on the bar.
Remove the fade in, fade out of glowing red enrage effect (it shows the red glow, but it stays static until the boss goes normal again, so its totally functional).
Remove the fade in, fade out effect of the edge meter for warriors.
Removed some, apparently useless code from it.

How to apply this mod:
1. Download this file for BossHPBar:
***Optional: Download this file for PartyUIWindow:
2. Navigate to your TERA folder: TERAClientS1GameCookedPCArt_DataPackages
3. In this path make a new folder “_S1UI” (with the underscore).
4. Open your new folder named “_S1UI”
5. Paste the downloaded file(s) here and done.!

***UPDATE.v3 for BossHPBar
-Removed another piece of junk code that kept being called over and over again.
Download link:

***UPDATE.v4 for BossHPBar
-Removed the white flashes, and made some tweaks to the mainbar, if you encounter any bug, please let me know.
Download link:

If u want to remove this, just delete this new folder created or the files in and the game will apply the original files.

This might, of might not help some people, but its worth a try until BHS fixes his horrid UI implementation.

Here’s the TeraToday forum link:


  1. Thanks for taking the time to exploit these.

    -Removed another piece of junk code that kept being called over and over again.
    Download link: (See video description for link)

  3. Updated for BossHPBar v4, see video description.

  4. pls update the partywind.. to we see the icone of brawler >.<

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