Tera Online Fly with Steparu 01 Allementhia to Frontera Region 1080p - teraonline.be

Tera Online Fly with Steparu 01 Allementhia to Frontera Region 1080p

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Next batch of videos of Tera Online for this week ^_^/ Recording lags my game, but at least the outcome is smooth as a rock. Enjoy have a nice weekend.

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Then we can both be happy 😀


  1. @ultimatboy

    I'm talking about the mount, not the flight path. Is it the lv40 mount or the 90 day pre-order mount?

  2. @darkrift2100 LOL yeah. 😛 WoW is like too big to be "deafeated" by just one game. But Tera looks terrific, and I'm not just talking graphically. I love the combat system and the lore is a lot of fun to read.

    Much like World of Warcraft's lore, but I prefer WC3 over WoW.

  3. @mryoshi84 I don't care if GW2 kills it or not, I just want it out there. 😛

    FUCK I can't wait for Gw2 OR Tera.

  4. since the engine is ut3 wont that mean u dont have to have a crazy good computer?

  5. @moriya2k2

    Normal people? A decent gaming rig doesn't cost that much. People spend more on plenty of other stuff they probably don't even get as much use out of. People spend heaps of time on their computers and use their computers for all kinds of stuff (music, movies, work etc.) so its worth spending the money on. You'd probably just have to turn the graphics down. The graphics arent even that good in this video, check out the pegasus flying video i've favourited on my channel, way better.

  6. @moriya2k2 the requirements are still not very big tbh…Rift needs much better specs (4gb ram lol) and it looks 10 times worse

  7. @MadPropzBaller thats actually because Rift is using a older engine for it and the engine lags under high graphics.

  8. @inn0c3nce7 are they gonna fix it then? Because i am supposed to play i mean i got amd dual core, 3gb ram and geforce8800 gt

  9. @MadPropzBaller If your talking about Engine, erm… i don't think it will ever change it because they will have to design the game again after spending alot of time and resource. Plus they wouldn't care. Take WoW for an example. If they were to change its graphics or gameplay to become better, it would need to get another engine and "remake WoW" again. That would be mega expansive. So i don't think so.

  10. @darkrift2100

    "More like "small portion of WoW fanbase temporary remover

    Once you go 'Craft you always go back

  11. @dori34543
    Unless you have an ounce of intelligence and realize its not actually fun paying to do a job.

  12. where's the game? you said this was a game. What the fuck godamnit.

  13. Going from WoW to this?… It's like having Taylor Swift and leaving her for Rosie O'Donnell …

  14. Honestly not sure how this game will do over here though it easily better graphics and better game play then wow the question really is, the western market ready for such a dramatic change as tera or we still stuck in the wow style of play

  15. Because there many games that are good that have try their hand at our market and just came way before their time like rf online, talbu rasa, and phantasy star universe all good games with nice concepts to them but the issue is the market at the time was not ready which cause those games to fail so we shall have to see how this pans out

  16. @Shizune19720 Is the western market ready? WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH YOU? YOU TYPE OF PEOPLE ARE THE REASON WE DONT MOVE ON.


  17. really though is it i mean people who got tired of wow simply move to rift when the game mechanics are exactly the same just updated graphics and rifts ther enothing unique and special there still one more wow expansion left to come out and if they make random spawns in random places then it kills rift

  18. @zzJerryShufflezz

    Taking your metaphor
    WoW -> Tera
    Taylor Swift -> Rosie O'Donnell

    In what fucking way is WoW better looking then this?

  19. @ShadowsRage How about pvp? Cause pvp in this game looks like utter shit.

  20. @zzJerryShufflezz

    That honestly is a whole different ball game since Tera uses a different combat system all together. I don't know about you but having to aim at my targets, lead a shot, coordinate knock downs and hard hitting moves sounds great to me :). It is a whole lot different then your standard: locking onto a target and going through your rotation, given that both have their own perks.

  21. @ShadowsRage That's the thing. We both have our reason for liking and disliking a game so it's pointless to argue ..

  22. This Game is thousand times better then World of Warcraft.

  23. Why is the water below the launch area brown in this vid, but green in the next?

  24. I don't think I'm gonna play this game when it's releassed, I'm gonna wait a while cuz I'm afriad that the usually lagg and bugg issues in mmo wil ruin it's feeling, so I'll wait untill I hear that the game is stable =)

  25. World of warcraft cataclysm….. Warning!New expansion! Suprem Cataclysm , Tera online!

  26. @darkrift2100 yeah for 3 months and then they'll go back to wow, cause TERA might just end up like Aion but with better customer support lol

  27. Why do we want TERA to kill WoW or vice versa? Competition is a GOOD thing for the customer, because it means that both companies have to put out a better product or risk losing customers to the other.

    If anything, Blizzard's been on top for far to long, and it's been starting to show in some of their recent work.

  28. sieht fast aus wie wow
    gw 2 = wow/tera-killer

  29. Do you have any footage of flying mounts and not the taxi system in the game?

  30. this scene makes me cry.. please do put me in that place..

  31. have to agree with you on this… they technically invited the mmo, maybe loosing half their wow accounts will make them rethink, and stop making new content so EASY and noobish gah… i know this game has my upvote

  32. That must be like riding a rollercoaster only more epic with a better view *.*

  33. I absolutely LOVE the Frontera music. If you uploaded a video of just that, I would love you forever!

  34. 1. No, it's pay to play.
    2. Yes.
    3. Depends. To me, it isn't.
    4. 10 silver… I'm sure it's pretttttty much free.
    5. Long as you're not broke. Literally broke as in two copper.

  35. I have all the TERA ost's. I might upload it just for you. We'll see.

  36. tera> all, sorry boy occidental giant cow style is going old

  37. Nope, it flies by itself.

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