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TERA Online First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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TERA Online was initially released outside Asia in 2012 as a subscription based MMO however 1 year later went free to play with no content restrictions, now in It’s second expansion I decided to finally check the game out and see if It’s worth playing as a potential alternative to World of Warcraft, I played the game for around 7 hours and condense all my thoughts so far down into these 17 minutes.

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In this video I take a look at a free to play MMORPG called Tera Online: Fate Of Arun and give you guys my first impressions, I played the game for around 6 hours and condensed my thoughts and experienced into about 17 minutes, Could TERA be a good alternative to World Of Warcraft? Watch the video until the end and make up your own mind 🙂

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TERA Online First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”


  1. you don't know the difference between a wolf and a lion? 😂

  2. Some names are hard to pronounce in this game, yet Gank'arangok seems pretty reasonable! 😀

  3. I miss this Tera… They've changed it so much and it is garbage now.

  4. "Wow, that mount. He must be a high level player!"

    Or at least high enough to buy it from the Store 😛

  5. Honestly, the end game of tera is just the beginning. There's so much more dungeons to do and raids. Masterworking items and etc etc. You shouldn't have quit and kept on going.

  6. Try warrior, very fun and engaging!

  7. I wish my laptop could actually run this, it looks so fun!

  8. So true everyone is naked 😂 and the cities do indeed not work well..

  9. id probs play this if it wasn't so heavy on the slut characters and that little girl race

  10. You need to pay for membership on tera I have a pc

  11. PVP is actually a toggle skill in TERA

  12. If you tried sorcer or asassin class in Tera you can't any longer look at other classes

  13. started Tera 2012-2013 5years gone and feels i stopped yesterday men i have such great memories about this game community i found so many friends that was a Journey i will never forget.Time flys Tera was Home every day i came home i was so excited to start the game oh men i want that time back and the sad part it never will..

  14. Here's my first impression.
    Made my character.
    Started off in a boring grass field.
    NPC told me to collect bark from trees. Boring… felt like eveyother outdated MMO
    I stopped playing.

    At least start off like a city or somewhere remotley interesting…
    Starwars old republic is better with story telling and missions given feel more important.

  15. Just started 2 weeks ago and im having a blast with my elin gunner she is wearing the full flight suit set^^ and looks sexy as hell^^

  16. Regrettably I had to stop playing Tera because I literally couldn't stop wanking

  17. Played Tera years ago, and got my friends into it too. The Gunner was the best class I ever played. I loved ranged classes, and wielding that massive gun is just overwhelmingly awesome. I played it at the time when the Gunner was a new class, and they kinda made her super OP, to the point of other classes starting to complain when I join a party because I did so much damage. >_>;;

    Even without the OPness, I feel the class is fun to play as well. She's surprisingly mobile if you know how to use the correct sequence of skills. The combat of Tera ranks up there with Neverwinter.

  18. Is that the island of dawn? Holy fuck, that hasn't been the starting area in A G E S.

  19. when you say that your character kinda looks like a douchebag …. you yourself start looking kind of like douchebag XD and im probably the whitest fkng nerd in here XD

  20. Now that Im actually in a guild thats extremely helpful and friendly off the bat, theyve been walking me through stuff. Ive played this game on and off for 3 years but I still didnt understand anything now Im picking up on how to level fast, about gearing and I just love this game. Definitely way my Pros then WoW has. Gonna be doing Elite Status monthly, this game is way more fun then WoW and the graphics are amazing! So glad I decided to try it again and got way into it after a few days and Now im almost level 40. I also love how they do gear progression instead of just adding more levels and theyve stuck with that since they started, love it!

  21. This mmo is jus so garbage, why they released it on PS4 still has me confused.

  22. This game isn't really that good in my opinion. It gets to a point where the enemies become unbearable. They will chase you EVERYWHERE and there are packs upon packs where you can't even get or turn in a quest!! You hardly get enough money in the game for even health potion. Trying to mine certain areas for crafting material becomes a disaster. You kill a pack of enemies, in a split second they're back again! I deleted it.

  23. You literally started with an amazing class and restarted on a shit class.
    I feel for you.

  24. 2019, and peon… WHERE DID THAT INTRO GO?? that's fucking hilarious.

  25. If female chars are gonna be basically naked, then allow the men to be also.

  26. Did he say dog pirates riding wolf lol that's a lion

  27. I actually loved this game. Mainly because I can walk. Something I didn't realize I would love until I played Black Desert

  28. Tera's open PVP sucks to me: getting one-shot by high-level players with nothing better to do than ruin the game for everyone else.

  29. Don't ever put "First Impressions" and "Is It Worth Playing?" together.

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