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Tera Online Extraction/Gathering Guide with Commentary

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Tera Online Extraction and Gathering Guide/Tutorial with Commentary

In this video I explain in detail, with commentary, the extraction and gathering systems in Tera Online. I go in depth to explain the 4 types of extraction and 4 types of gathering, I also show examples of each. Metal, Energy, Cloth and Leather are the 4 types of extraction.

This is only one of my guides on Tera Online, I have a guide/tutorial for pretty much everything Tera, so check out my channel if you want to see more Tera Online PvP. PvE, and Tutorial content!

*You can extract any material from any extractable item. Example: You can extract energy from a cloth body piece, or if you need metal you can get metal from that same cloth body piece.* Thanks to Wired2003.
*If you fail on a “plentiful” node you will destroy the node. if you succeed it will not disappear for another 2 harvests (unless you fail)* Thanks ShadoFXPerino.

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  1. Ahhh cool man thanks for clearing that up 😀

  2. one thing i noticed in your video tutorial you mentioned that you could only extract metal from items like axes or leather from leather armors and such. in fact you can actually extract one of the four extractions from any gear in the game. for example i can actually extract metal from items such as staffs, cloth armor, and even leather armor. i have not tested to see if it works for let's say extracting alchemy items from twin swords yet, but i am sure the same rule applies.

  3. Very clear and usefull (Even for a French guy ^^)
    Thx a lot for your great work.

  4. Yeh your right, I didn't know until after I had made this video 🙁 I've put it in the video desc 🙂

  5. Thank you man, means a lot! Glad I could help!

  6. Actually, basically, actually, basically…….good vids though dude.

  7. I neglected my gathering while I was questing and now every time I attempt it fails. Am I better off going back to the island of dawn to level it up?

  8. Haha i did the same thing 😛 yeh man best things to go back to the island but if you have a friend who is higher level just run around getting nodes with them as it will bump up your gathering level to match theirs. Just make sure you both share the node at the same time 🙂

  9. Cheers bro. Guess I'll have to hassle some of my guildies.

  10. Nice guide but a bit of advice: The lower level stuff costs more then the higher level stuff because the fact when you're high level and you kill low level monsters you don't get the ingrediants so you have to create a alt to farm or pay stupid amounts for them.

  11. This is true! Nice info Jamenda 😀 Thanks!

  12. lol you dont need to level up extraction, you just buy the scrolls man 🙂

  13. not sure if its the accent or vulgarity but you're hilarious.

  14. Does cloth extraction give you xp for Tailoring?

  15. I love your accent!!!!Where are you from??

  16. Actually the extraction isn't restricted to type. It just pulls out a small amount of what you want from the item. For instance you could use Leather Extraction for Metal Armor and get Leather/Hide in return

  17. wow i didnt know some of this stuff…about extraction

  18. Thanks Kevin! Glad you liked it and cheers for the support!

  19. excellent video mate, very informative and simple to follow but i dont like the font you are using it look silly and somewhat unreadable vs a normal font

  20. thank you, no one in game/guild was answering me, im so bad D:

  21. im sorry, but for some reason the scrolls are hella expensive…

    im trying to do the ores, plant, and energy extractions.

  22. I find this….after selling all my items….FUCK

  23. Great Vid Bro ! Nice quality and all info is so simple that everyone can understand it without any doubt !

    Keep your great work 😀

  24. just starting to play the game 🙂 awesome video mate, helps a lot…great info cheers

  25. dude you are awesome no bull shit 🙂 many thanks never had a clue how to do any of this

  26. Your comments are fantastic.  Rock on, brother.

  27. Great Guide Dude ! i Understand a little Now about How to Craft and Just spotted that there other stuff to do than Just leveling In Tera
    Tera is Amazing Now 😀

  28. Thank you so much! It's really helpful and useful. Great piece od work 😀

  29. Thank you I found this video better then the others.

  30. Hey man,
         I really need help in alchemy because I started trying to do do healing potions and found out that the Aerated gel is no longer in the game so I can not make it . Is there another type of healing potion s I can learn that does not use Aerated gel.. if you have a pdf copy of a guide that may help me or if you could do a in depth video on healing potions.



  31. Drinking game
    Whenever he says:
    Actually: Drink from your beer
    Fucking: Take a shot
    Basically: Take 2 shots
    Shit: Empty your beer

    Congratulations. You're now drunk as fuck in just 8 min! 😀

  32. I can't buy any scroll for extracting because no merchant give me the option to buy them if any one knows wat I have to do to get them that will be awesome

  33. The extraction has been replaced by disassembling. That part is old content.

  34. Can anyone tell me how to get Fine Sylva Fiber? I can get Sylva, but I need it fined for alchemy. Any help is appreciated.

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