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TERA Online Europe Beta Trailer

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Why is TERA Online the game to watch in 2012? Because if they didn’t put a notice at the start of their trailer stating it’s actual game footage, you wouldn’t believe it. This weekend OnRPG is offering a limited number of beta keys to try out Frogster’s EU TERA test. Grab a key, download the game, and prepare to have your paradigm changed.


  1. just like TheSakuraTree u gotta pay monthly. i wish i was f2p but some those son of ***** r just greedy.

  2. Your wish is going to come true in like a year or less sadly. This will make the game in to just another Korean play to win shit fest.

  3. All I see when viewing stuff for this game is boobs, boobs, boobs..

  4. A m8 of mine purchased the pre order and hopd right in, it sure was quite interesting.

  5. man i wish a game like this would come out for xbox 360 and still be playable like this it would be more interesting then fable or kingdoms of amalur just saying.

  6. Another shitty neo-manga "mmo" – more money orgy from frogster… Make some medival mmo…

  7. just played 10-12 hours every day on the pre-release…just sayin'

  8. Est-ce que quelqu'un connait la musique de cette vidéo ?

  9. Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    RedTube is down

    This will do

  10. Actualy no, I came cause I heard about Tera online but I see not much of a difference with GW2 or anyother mmo, better graphics and maybe one or two thingies here and there but the basic idea is the same :p

  11. For all you digital pervert bastards out there:
    1. Stop the video.

    2.Right click the video

    3.Press ''Stop download''

    4.Enjoy whanking

  12. looks like monster hunter with skills and classes

  13. It's the asian gw2… considering one of ArenaNet's founders left in 2010 to join the publisher of Terra, it's probably some of the same source code under the hood (who would know 😉

  14. Looks cool but I don't play on PC. Too bad this game couldn't be saved down into an Xbox Format. LOL. The visuals are stunning in this game especially the character models… MMO that aren't named WOW usually don't last. These companies need to figure out how to get these games so they play through a Set-top Box to be enjoyed on the TV. Devoting to PC only limits accessibility. M$ has to figure out how to create a streamlined PC experience that's not on the PC.

  15. people, this game if definatly not worth paying for i'd rather PAY TO PLAY AION(which is free now) THAN PLAY THIS FOR FREE
    sweet graphics, terrible gameplay, people said you need skill, you dont, runescape requires around 5,7 times more skills

  16. not worth buying, good graphic, nice cmobat system yes, but horrible game system with too much F2P elements in a P2P game, and end game content isnt great.

  17. well that was the plan they had to get you play it, and they successfully lured me into playing, but they failed to keep me there.

  18. it is possible to update content, raid, balance, but the chance they reshape then entire gaming system is close to none.

  19. What are you talking about on F2P elements….. F2P elements would suggest you buy power for money or something… So I have absolutely no idea what this is about…

    And as pretty much EVERY mmo that was ever released at the start the endgame content was lacking….give me just 1 mmo that didnt have lacking endgame content at release…even the oh so praised WoW was pretty empty endgame at first

  20. a P2P game should always reward the person who is most skilled, regardless of how long he has played or how lucky he is or how wealthy he is, most korean MMO has enchanting system and all of them failed, wanna know why? because being lucky and get an item to +over 9000 and make you overpowered does not make game more balanced, plus you aint even making money on enchanting cause its a P2P but you still have it in game, retarded design, and that'sjust one example.

  21. <_< In all other P2P games you will downgrade or even lose the item if you fail…this isnt the case in Tera. So in the end with just a little time you get to have your +9 (or +12 Masterwork) like everyone else does.
    Not to mention the damage difference from +6 (very easy to get) to +9 (medium difficulty) is not actually that big o.o.

    And its not that Im an uber Tera fanboy…its just I played MANY f2p games…and this enchanting system here is extremely forgiving

  22. enchant system was oringinally developed for a F2P game, so you have to buy "protective devices" with real money to prevent their gear from breaking, hence generate profit, this system alone is a fail and SHOULD NOT be used in a P2P game ever, the developer failed to understand this and just blindly copied it, just like many other thing they did, and resulted in a faliure, it could have bene a great game but retarded developer dont look at resoning behind everything before then implement them.

  23. Go To Guild Wars 2. Tera and World Of Warcraft? = BOST today.

  24. ?!? What real money protective devices do I have to buy?!? Is the EU version different on enchanting or what? On the U.S. version all you need is Alcahest (NPC merchant) and trash items as sacrifice (drops/marketplace)…

  25. Even in it's country of origin it was a P2P at first and only had to be made F2P because they made a mistake on the monthly fee price… so how was it exactly made for a F2P game…not to mention even if it was…it is not anymore… it's actually pretty far from real F2P ones now as there is absolutely no real money nor risk involved in the system <_<. Anyways. I'm done with this discussion

  26. dude, seriously, you either did not read my comment or you are too stupid to understand it, consult a doctore immediatly. and here is a dumped down version for people like you who has IQ below 50: enchanting system was oringinally made for free to play game with purpose of grabbing money, putting it in to a pay to play game makes game fail, same as many other system thet adopted in tera that they should not have, if you still dont get it, please stop wasting oxygen.

  27. 1:13 ICE MAKE ICE BALL!!! "watch fairy tail to understand"

  28. youre quite the idiot dude. just because youre used to the easymode shitgames like wow is nowadays doesnt mean that asian games are the same way.

  29. Kill 5 of these, kill 10 of these, kill 7 of these all the way to lvl 60. Worst game ever.

  30. "you are quite the idiot" please even ur insult aint oringinal, and the contect of your comment prove you are either really stupid or you did not read the comments at all.

  31. you really are stupid. idiots are stupid, thats why you call them like that so they will know. this isnt about originality. and your grammar is horrible if i might add that. i did read the comments, played tera, played harder mmos, played easier mmos and i know wtf i am talking about unlike you.

  32. lol someone is mad, did I expose your stupidity too harshly? well reality hits you hard bro, btw I think your parents need to know you ahve a potty mouth, got a number I can call them with?

  33. I ques some people like story lines. I don't care about them, I always skip if there is some text :P. This game has a main story line, but don't know how good it is. I always skip it.

  34. Can anyone tell me if the game costa 29.99 or do I have to pay 29.99 and then 14.99right after. Or does the 29.99 cover the first month for free? Im asking cause I only got $35 on my card and dont want to go under


  36. What is the song title? Its fkin awesome!

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