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TERA Online EU – Censored VS Uncensored Elin

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0:00 Censored
1:45 Uncensored
But the Cash Shop…

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  1. The way they move after arming themselves WTF?

  2. You know, what really pisses me off more than censorship, is that TERA devs actually gender-locked the Elin race; it's like, being a pedophile/ephebophile, and homophobic at the same time (please don't act like it's not true…). It's just plain hypocrite.

  3. Remember, the cashshop is not censored :3
    Because Elin is the most popular race in this game.

  4. We've come a long way in the US. We went from not being allowed to say "pregnant" on television to whether or not digital characters should be censored in a game. Not only that, but the biggest forum for this discussion is a website full of videos of all kinds of scary, disturbing, and wondrous things. See the irony here?

    Censoring digital characters is ridiculous imo, but I get why the devs decided to do so. This is an Asian based game, and their culture is not like ours. They had to adapt this game to the American culture in order to share it with us, don't forget that. They wanted kids to be able to play this too, knowing that parents would not approve of the original Elin outfits. This game is quite fun, and in all honesty, you can not see great detail while roaming around and battling the baddies (unless you have the camera up your toon's ass the whole time, which wouldn't get you very far in the game). There are far worse games out there for pedophiles to indulge in.

    If you are angry at the censorship, there is plenty of anime out there that is not censored… or perhaps you prefer to fap to Scooby Doo? Don't know, don't care. Move on.

    My advice, let this go and find another more important topic to be passionate about (I.E. like how Obama is destroying the country)… or don't. Either way, it is pointless to bitch about this pointless shit on YouTube. ~_^

  5. LoL, didn't know the creators were also catering to pedophiles.

  6. I am so confused. So I'm a girl and I play as an elin because I'm not comfortable playing with a high elf or castanic exposed butt in my face or with their weird clothes cut-outs or huge boobs. Therefore, because I went with cute rather than sexy and safe rather than slutty, I'm a pedo?! Am I a pedo? Because this discussion sure as hell tells me I am just because I don't want my character to wear skimpy clothes. I don't even know what to think anymore.

  7. The sense of our game makers "Huh,this looks like child porn, we should censor it." Leaves cash shop completely uncensored,because it takes too much time and effort to change something that you actually have to pay for. So….was there really any point "censoring" an M rated game?

  8. They're shorts now oh thank god… I was about to have a heart attack. Dodged that one.

  9. I don't see the difference. I was only looking for what make up you can have. I guess i will wait for mine to download then.

  10. You know would look like elin in reality? they would look like hobbit in lord of the ring

  11. WTF I can't understand some people. I chose my Elin because I can identify myself with her. Some of you people are nasty. How am I suppose to fight in this shit! I can understand the castanic armor since the whole race is ment to be "sexy" but come on Elin…

  12. I prefer the censored armor, not because I think it is gross (well, a little bit…) But the main reason is because I like shorts ! 😀 I were shorts all the time an I think they're cute with it and it makes the character even more cute !! (even if these one are a little.. short! x) )

  13. ./laughs at all the people calling those who play elins pedophiles

  14. I like censored Elin better.Why?Cuz it feels fucking pedophile to see the uncensorded one.

  15. i was perma banned
    help pls
    i changed my IP and my harddrive ID and MAC address and Routers mac address
    i dont  know if i found every registry entry

  16. what is the difference between censored and uncensored? They look the same to me.

  17. I play elin in tera, I'm 14 so I don't think that makes me a pedophile (I'm a girl too). I like playing as elin because they're really cute, I like the animal kind of style to them. Also with some of the other race the girls have armour with the boobs hanging out all over the place and it just makes me feel uncomfortable… I like the censored one better than the uncensored because I think the shorts look better with the outfits. I don't really see the big deal, it's not like they're actually real. I'm sure there's nobody touching the screen and thinking they'd definitely like to "fuck" that. Plus, why should I pay the price of not having elin when I haven't done anything wrong? It's not my fault you all have a some grunge against them, seriously, what's up with that?

  18. I'm really glad this race exists. Every game has only sexy looking females, since I know. But this has cute girls >:3
    I'm small and cute in real life so I'm happy I can make "myself" in there xD

  19. lol feel bad for the ppl who just wanted to play elins, anyone played ff12? imagine frans race but chibi xD

  20. also u can tell the ppl shitting on elins either never played any dungeon crawlers or aren't used to other MMO`S =p

  21. noticable trend thats been around for ages people will say I am a female simply because they chose and like cute elins and then wonder why other's dislike the race. Easy answer ask them yourselves instead of assuming the dumbest thing ever maybe 🙂

  22. The game play is what really matters, honestly not much of a difference between panties and boy shorts, sooo, I don't mind either version. I just personally wouldn't dress my Elin in lingerie, like the other races

  23. They look really fucking creepy to me, that's goes for all anime themed eyes.

  24. I like the censored version
    Cuz your clothes make sense when you go out on the field
    IRL a bikini for an armor can kill you in a millisecond

  25. when i look at this race i think of the old anime Spice an wolf idk why but it has that kinda feel to it

  26. She's not even a real furry, what a poser. I mean seriously those tails and ears look so out of place with so much bare skin.

  27. Look at that….just really realized now that all new korean mmorpgs are the same…pedo bait characters.with same squiling little girl voices..and pantsus..bad optimizatuon provlems..class imbalances..etc…3d looks worst though..

  28. Ehmmm If I downloaded Tera from the real wbsite, is it censored or uncensored?

  29. That's wild!!! I'm just learning about this. It's so funny bc I play Elin only bc they aren't naked! XD

  30. I dont se any difference between censored and uncensored

  31. People need to chill with this pedophile shit . It’s a fucking game ffs

  32. is that loli? those legs are huge just too huge

  33. This is game is loli porn it’s just for perverts that want to touch children f that game :/

  34. It sucks that this game was censored in the West. Discriminatory bigots are a plague.

  35. This is very nice. Could you please remake this but this time without any clothing?

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