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Tera Online – Epic Feature Trailer Extended

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This is a Video for the beautiful MMO Role Playing Game Tera Online.

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  1. first thing though of was Aion when i saw the intro…but hopefully this will not be a game that takes hrs to lvl or get money

  2. @doran199431 All we could find so far is between end of January and march of next year. We're really excited about it!

  3. @MahaloVideoGames Too bad its gona be pay to play : (

  4. @MahaloVideoGames is the exp system gonna be a grind or easy to lvl with just help of the quests ?..ive look at the forum for the game but they didnt give the answer

  5. Yea you want to know what happen to those guys and girls who charged against the dragons….


  6. Graphics are impresive… but RPG is RPG :DDDDD

  7. @MrNarutofreak100 No, Tera will require a monthly subscription fee. 🙂

  8. Thing is with these korean MMOs they put on a fancy trailer n showcase of like 1 group being able to do everything in the game instead of the billion it actually takes. They also have a habit of dying slowly when they hit stateside because they just cant get it right or are like a 2nd job and westerners cant handle this eg lineage, Aion, helbreath and more.

  9. How much will the initial cost of the game be? and the monthly subscription fee?

  10. @Holyfiremolotov i read in magazine, it said it was free 2 play =o

  11. @Munzikii On the Official Tera website it says – Like other MMORPG titles, TERA will use a monthly subscription model with a retail box. So most likely it will be similar to World of Wacraft where you buy a scratch card with a certain amount of play time on it. 🙂

  12. @MahaloVideoGames What do you mean March of next year? Next year as in 2012?! 'Cause I think this game should come like now! Or at least before the second semester of this year.

  13. @timmer7000 Well, the OBT needs to come first, right? And that should be free. So I'm really waiting for this OBT to happen.

  14. @MahaloVideoGames they said it would come out early spring 2011?!

  15. @SnorkSnurk

    It was released in South Korea on January 25, 2011 and is scheduled for release in North America and Europe in mid 2011.

  16. @doran199431 i heard someone say 11.11.11

  17. @SnorkSnurk It's scheduled to be released in 2011

  18. no one knows the date, only the minds behind it's release on eu/na all we can do is wait for then to give an obt date then wait for a release date, then wait again for the game to come out, everyone has predictions or has heard their date from gossip there is no official date yet

  19. These women look like they came from dead or alive, but now with realistic ´physics´ muhaha!

  20. The panda race looks sweet.This might be a mmo worth playing after the final fantasy 14 farce

  21. First impressions…..Final Fantasy Online meets Aion

  22. who cares? gonna play SWTOR at that time anyway

  23. wait are you guys taking this game seriouse? it looks terrible compared to what else is coming out

  24. @kn0wr3zz Agreed, I feel more safe going with GW2.

  25. Well, thats what happens when you spread in lair = death wish, Need to stick on the wall and solo one by one [archers help]

  26. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  27. @yesterdaysYOUTH To bad yours isnt like MINE hehe

  28. @yesterdaysYOUTH I play this on a 4 year old laptop. It actually plays. Kinda.

  29. i think it is good, i find it more appealing than WoW actually. although that is my opinion.

  30. How can you not afford to spend $15 a month? not to mention it's alot less if your one of the people that bought it before 1 month after it's release. Damn my younger sister who is 17 y/o gets $200 a week from baby sitting, like shit man I wipe my balls with $20

  31. almost every trail doesn't have inclue Elin, wtf going on?

  32. any ideea why aren't any Elin race in all those trailers?

  33. using Elin Sorcerrer class now lvl10… the game is great so far…o.O

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