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Tera Online Elite Monster Boss Quest

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Enjoy Open Beta with KR friends and Such.

Server: 알레만시아

Too lazy to tag whatever level these are just watch enjoy cry.

Sounds is all weird.


  1. and you say that watching videos on youtube?

  2. nice it looks like close combat is rather fun can you block/defend anytime you want? or?

  3. @justln1984 everyone says that to most games, but tera is better :0

  4. I want this game and continent of the 9th in english and ready to play NOW!

  5. Your title/guild name (whichever of the two) is so appropriate xD

  6. RYL clone, but on a more serious note, doesn't look to interesting. I might check it out if it offers something new to the genre.

  7. @TheKadeshi
    its up to you to decide the difficulty in tera.. you dont have to group up to 6 members.
    killing strong elite mobs with 2-3 people is really hard and takes some time, but I LOVE IT 😀
    of course, less members in grp, you get more xp, money and drops – but more difficult

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