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Tera Online – Elin Character Creation

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A brief runthrough of the Elin Character Creation on the Korean Tera Client 13th September 2011


  1. im having so much trouble trying to create my elin lol I like the ponytails but when theyrte turned into hair horns its cringe worthy to meas for everyone saying theyre cute or eww or w/eI think theyre very cute ^^ and plan to main this one as a sorcerer howeveras a rule for myself I name all my female mmo chars Trany.Fany X'D I find it hilarious nothing against the elin though ofcourse

  2. the race all pedofiles will play isnt it ^^

  3. @blackfox92 worst troll attempt ive seen on youtube so far ^^ back to trolling school 😀

  4. @Nimthiriel86
    At least he has some good arguments. Aside from that, It's a shame so many people can't handle this race. When I look at this race I see a cute anime'ish char without having any sexual tinted thoughts. Too bad so many people (a.k.a. most western gamers) always relate to child porn right away :/

  5. Guys, Nimthiriel is a guildy of mine and he's just trolling, don' t him too seriously 🙂

  6. @koranoelie The changes are basically negligible anyway, imo it's just so if anyone complains they can say "hey we made it less sexualised!".

  7. @lllCypherlll
    If it wasn't fir the lack of pants…

  8. Pedobear seal of approval.
    Anyway, this is cute.

  9. Woah, the animations here are seriously… disturbing me. Frame of a little girl with those moves just don't compute together.

  10. @koranoelie don't worry, it shouldn't be hard to "fix" the poorly done NA textures.

  11. @koranoelie Sorry, im not very into this game… but what are they changing?

  12. @koranoelie Ohh… well, I did not think it was necessary to change to begin with… wieeerd. <.<

  13. they removed all the skimpy clothes basicly

  14. I think it's really cute 🙂 NO HATE -.- personal opinion. They're like little cute dolls. Anime kids look like this, I don't see anyone complaining.

  15. I find it hilarious that the Elin can Weild Huge Swords & Axes and SHields and they are so small. I can understand the Popori being able to weild them but i dont know how the Elin can?

  16. Not to mention the size of their heads compared to the body. Children have much larger heads. Here the proportion matches an adult person.

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