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Tera Online – Elf

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Tera Online – Elf


  1. cheeee neeee cooomprend rieeeen! 😵😵😵 mais j'adore!!!

  2. @fre1gn I was just being an ass. I know it's Korean.

  3. She's totally dressed as the evil mother-in-law in every soap opera.

  4. I want subtitles, the story looks too good to not understand it :< . Thanks for the video though 😉 !

  5. Jesus christ open alpha early 2012 THIS IS TOO FAR I WANT THE GAME!

  6. in korea, female high elves must be hotter than humans, and have bigger boobs, and make guys 100% fall in love with them instead of human chiqs

  7. @hanzip Actually I'm not too big on the elves for this game. Yeah they're good looking but I think they made a VERY good looking human race as well and are just as badass/hot as the high elves if not more so. Maybe its just you.. have a thing for elves? lol

  8. @Zardice1 people who have played it already said that its nothing like grinding at all.. i guess everyone has a different perception but.. lets hope its not so grindy

  9. I understand nothing..are the talking about sex?

  10. Is that armor/outfit actually available? If so, what class is it for?

    Thanks for uploading this! The graphics and voice-acting = amazing!

  11. No its Korean stop trying to defend the asian language when people are correct.


  13. have no idea wtf she sayin but ima watch anyway

  14. Music at 5:04… def sounds like final fantasy tactics, lol!

  15. Hey.. what? Umm , I was looking for porn on Utube….this what I get?

  16. glowing boobs….. what else do you want…

  17. fraya's english voice is way better :D, however…what fraya's armor name at 4:22???

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