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Tera Online Duels – Berserker vs Sorcerer (Unbeatable)

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Here are some Duels against a very good Sorc.
We did around 43 Duels and i Lost all of them :).


  1. 43 ? It`s enough to thnik about sorc balancing 🙂

  2. Hey! Ich verstehe immernoch nicht, was da genau im Spiel passiert, aber Ich like es trotzdem einfach mal. Nooq!

  3. haha rookies come to killian ill show u skills 😀

  4. Learned a lot from this video. I can't wait to try your knockdown combo. I always have a feeling that zerker is weak against all classes sololy. Against a sorcerer, I can't even touch her…

  5. u have any idea whos the best zerk on the tera ( its probably u )

  6. First of all. thanks for made this videos you do. You actully inspired me too make a berserker.

    And now on to the question. Why are you availe to run that fast when you charge? i run 70% slower then you and its impossible to kill anything atm.

    (im level 35 atm)

  7. Sorcerer is overpowered. There's no need for skill.

  8. I heard elins are better zerks than human zerks is that true? I mean they say the have more range and they are faster… whats your opinion on that?

  9. Damn that Sorc was good… I swear you had the upper hand with 90% of those duels, and he turned them around in seconds.

  10. make ice field blockable (not just when standing on the edge), and sorcs are way easier….its really the only thing that kills me. i'm forced to walk out –> free dmg for the sorc. give him some reset luck on magma bomb and youre dead.

  11. But if you are fucking skilled as flanberry and play a op-class than noone can stop you

  12. well, if you run out of increased movement speed, he is faster than you and it's no problem for him to get you. so why should you flee and not try to pressurise him/her?

  13. Do you have the same problem as me, in a duel against good sorc I was very little success. I do not like sorc

    PS: he isnt good, i know much better sorcerors and they are really hard, i cannot catch this sorc., still in distance or in traps…

  14. Hes amazing at almost any game, he used to play l2 on nanaki/azure if you look on youtube for yavin/marr from jghphhhf clan you can find some of his l2 videos, he doesnt record tera regularly as far as im aware, he was streaming for awhile but not anymore.

  15. Its ipeeontheworld, but not much tera videos there mostly stupid anime shit.

  16. yeah, probably deleted them, he had a few where he showed me how to solo bams back when it was harder to do. he had a few pvp vids there too. idk why he deletes them probably shy.

  17. And that's what Berserker is about.
    Why this class is even called berserker?

  18. Flan, flan, flan. Heard he sold it.
    You still playing Aria?

  19. Awesome sorc.rlly. by the way, what`s the music in the vid? like it

  20. Are you joking? This Sorc sux ass hair.

  21. and Flan said that berserkers are OP in Tera forum -_-

  22. U deserve to lose. U didn't close the gap. U gave that sorcerer the distant advantage most fights. They are range and will always stay far back amd spam their attacks.

  23. Der witzigste part : er hat noch 2k leben du noch mehr als die hälfte und er schaffts trotzdem 😀
    Aber kenn ich als bersi die range dds sind verdammt schwer zu kriegen

  24.  well here is a coincedence i also playied on killian.. but i kinda gave up on the game .I am a person that likes to learn the tactics b4 i start practising.. i was inspired by you and made a zerk lvl 60 i would start again if i were to meet you in person and train me a bit.. well your not obliged to do it or anything and you can also so no (no hard feelings or anything) P.S im sorry for this late response google + sucks and i got pissed off about that xD anyways i dont know if you will even reply but have funn!!!

  25. Name of the song plsssss I cant find it 🙁

  26. How do u have black fox tail and ears?? i tought you can have only the orange ones

  27. Good duel. I"m new to this game but after watching this I want to make a sorc xD

  28. Aira do you still lose to him like that till now ;S?

  29. Bersek is rlly a bad class(dont take that new players),u must taje so many risks for nothing,this class us under others,Too slow,all others dps class got the same dmgs but they git mobility,i don't know why did they create this shit

  30. If i was sorcerer i wouldnt fight u seriously xD i would just troll u if u did that, mana siphon to the action

  31. Sorry but some of these fights you lost on purpose, like when you had 70% hp and he had 10% you littarly walked in circles, didnt cast spells, didnt block, you let him win, why?

  32. I've seen Flanberry kill two lancers at once…
    She is some serious shit 😀
    And you're right that Flan wasn't playing 100% seriously, she didn't do her trademark combo (silence+timegyre>sleep>stun>voidpulse>fireblast or sth) which guarantees that the enemy will sit there and eat all the major sorcerer spells in the face.
    Despite that, you did pretty good.
    May I make a suggestion?
    Since you're good at KD chains, try doing this: as they retaliate or you run out of KDs, use fearsome shout, buff up while waiting for thunderstrike and flatten to come off cd, then continue as normal. When they come back up, use inescapable doom, which only allows them to do one escape (glacial retreat) that however is not an i-frame. Bait that with a thunderstrike and follow it up with evasive smash. Be sure to be buffed up with tenacity, bloodlust and mocking shout so they can't stagger, knock down or stun you while in i-Doom. 😉

  33. Can someone explain to me how to get black ears and tail and if i can get them in other colors. PLEASE :3

  34. most annoying to fight against for me, sorcs and archers, i cant catch up cause of all the dam traps and evassive skills they got, its pretty annoying, and the anti-stun has a pretty darn long cooldown and last for like 5 secs, but i still loves zerk xD

  35. Sorcs and Archers are the fucking worst to pick a fight with when you're a zerk. I've got my ass handed to me a number of times all the while they were having a cheeky giggle at my expense. 😡

  36. this sorc plays so weird. its almost like he is purposely not using cheese combos.

  37. may i ask you on which server do you play? i rly love my zerk (i tryed to leave her for a warror and reaper but i couldnt) and it would be really nice to have some advices of someone as good as you :3

  38. If im correct, The video say's unbeatable and you got beat… Wtf?

  39. omg soaria you sucked back then xD

    I definitely think flan wouldn't stand a chance now

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