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Tera Online Destruction of the Beasts Final Boss Kelsaik Normal

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4man Kelsaik video Request w/ Mystic Healer


  1. @buggyboom You can make it free to play, EU/US will have 'chronoscrolls' which people can sell on the AH to other people, they give 30 days playtime when used.

  2. @phantomoto2 WOW!!!!! That was freaking amazing!!!!!! =O

  3. @07blackhawk07 This is coming out to the states brah…

  4. Is there a private server i can play on in between the closed beta's?

  5. Steparu, are you enjoying your Warrior or Slayer more? I'm 50/50 on which to play and I'd love some input, thanks!

  6. @shperax fuck you and your private servers

  7. Amazing Steparu ^^, really fantastic. I'm so happy when the next European Beta of TERA started in two weeks ^^. And then I can make new TERA Videos 🙂 !!!

    greetz Mile :D.

  8. So Steparu do you think TERA will last quite awhile? I've been playing in the North American Closed Betas and I love the heck out've the game. But a lot of people think it'll fail. Whats your notion on all that jazz?

    What are your main concerns on the game?

    Thanks ^_^

  9. This is normal, but Kelsaik Hard is one of the most difficult Bosses in all MMO

  10. @dethtoll2242 it won't fail if bluehole continue to add more updates! ^-^ just like any other mmo!

  11. I hope it wont be a WoW killer if you understand that. I don't want WoW people coming over and playing this game. But I really believe that this will be successful and branch out to an audience that likes Eastern Style games more.

  12. omg why didint i get to be koreanO_o they're language is so freaking cool with the letters and the zoom zoom games

  13. So can't wait to get higher levels when it officially released. Few more days. I made a Lancer because of your videos 😀

  14. Hey Steparu, Ive been trying to do this but my party always gets wiped by an aoe he does with the legs, whats that about?

  15. 1 person does not have a life! like if you agree

  16. Says the person asking for useless points to pad their ego.

  17. What is the gear being used here? lvl 58 with purple glow is trippin me out lol

  18. Lol, yesterday there were some ppl who said you could beat this boss with 3 ppl easily. -.-

  19. What for Glyphes do u use for dungeons and pve ???

  20. are you using torch of gods against him?
    thx for vids ^^

  21. the boss fights in ths game are freaking amazing its so epic it unbelievable.

  22. EPIC boss fight and after the ones ive played so far i didnt think they can get any more intense :o. this game is intense xD

  23. Dang, man. No wonder why Tera is popular game in Korea.

  24. Always wondered this. But what are Steparu's computer specs? o-o

  25. The game is awesome. There is no doubt about it. I just cant seem to create a character I like. 

  26. is that a flag of philippines steparu? on the guild emblem

  27. idk why every one is so horny and wants to make a female player. its pethetic. but most of all there screeching combat noises they make are fucking ANNOYING! cant even watch this shit cause the screeching is annoying as fuck

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